Berkley Hit Stick

Item No. 8950-BHBHSF5
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Simply Irresistible
The Berkley Hit Stick has a high-pitch rattle and a finesse tail to lure trophy fish. Check out the video to see this crankbait in action!

Product Description

The Berkley Hit Stick Lure  is a floating rattle lure designed to entice predator game fish. This Berkley crankbait features a high-pitch rattle with finesse tail action to lure fish closer. An integrated FlashDiscTM offers stable tracking with lifelike movement to fool even wary fish. Once the fish takes the bait, sharp Fusion19TM hooks ensure consistent hooksets so you can land fish easily. The Berkley Hit Stick Lure creates an irresistible display so you never miss a fish.

  • Floating lure with high-pitch rattle
  • Fusion19TM hooks for reliable hook sets
  • Finesse tail action creates attractive displays
  • Maximum side flash activates even at slow speeds
  • Integrated FlashDiscTM for tracking stability and lifelike action
Size Length Weight Running Depth # of Hooks Hook Size
5 2in (5cm) 1/7oz 2'-5' 2 #12
7 2.75in (7cm) 1/4oz 2'-5' 2 #8
9 3.5in (9cm) 1/4oz 2.5'-6' 2 #8
11 4.5in (11cm) 1/3oz 3'-6' 3 #8
13 5.11in (13cm) 1/2oz 3'-6' 3 #6


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