Berkley Shallow Flicker Shad

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The Berkley Flicker Shad Shallow Crankbait will play an important role in your tackle box. Press play to learn more about these Berkley Flicker Shad extensions.

Berkley Shallow Flicker Shad


The Berkley Flicker Shad Shallow Crankbait is ideal for casting or trolling for walleye, pike, or bass. This crankbait lure mimics the size, profile, and action of these predator's prey, so you're able to lure in your catch. With a slow rise, this Berkley Flicker Shad will stay in the strike zone for longer. Plus, the sharp Fusion19TM hooks ensure that the fish stays on the hook while reeling in your catch. Ideal for targeting swallower fish, try the Berkley Flicker Shad Shallow Crankbait.

Size Length Weight Running Depth # of Hooks Hook Size
5 2in (5cm) 1/6oz 2'-4' 2 #8
7 2.75in (7cm) 2/7oz 3'-6' 2 #6
  • Sharp Fusion19<sup>TM </sup>hooks
  • Slow rise crankbait
  • Size, profile, and dive depth imitate real shad
  • Maximum rattle and roll action
  • Individually tank tested

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