Big Agnes Battle Mountain 2 Tent

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The Battle Mountain is a spacious, four-season, lightweight mountaineering tent that offers full protection in the harshest of backcountry and high-alpine conditions. The golden yellow color of the Battle Mountain was requested by Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, a Big Agnes Ambassador and friend who has summited Mount Everest 16 times, to honor the Tibetan Buddhism goddess of prosperity and good fortune, Miyo Losangma. Her skin is golden yellow, so when Chhiring sets up this tent it will stand out as a tribute to her. The fly is a made of Dominico undyed polyester ripstop made with high-tenacity yarns that provides incredible tear strength and UV resistance, so the golden-colored tribute won't fade in the harsh elements. With so much experience summiting 8,000+ meter peaks around the Himalaya, Chhiring's input on the overall design of the Battle Mountain - and his testing of them over the years - is invaluable and solidifies it as one of the best mountaineering tents on the market.

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Great 4 season tent
Post retirement... left NC and traveled Colorado , Wyoming , Utah... as I traveled through I would stop for several days at various locations - camp and fly fish. Found to be easy to set-up - kept me warm in the early fall / shoulder seasons. Gifted to my son when he moved to Colorado as the seasons there are more pronounced and various vs NC...he now uses the Battle Mountain II on two and three day raft / fishing adventures on various rivers and in various temp ranges and conditions- remarked it was the first tent he had used that he felt really comfortable in as well as warm in 20 degree temp ranges. The only issues we have had - condensation... and we have about determined it is caused by our improper / misguided use of the venting system... but jury is still out on that.
May 19, 2020
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Great four season tent
This the best four season tent I know of because it is very well built and rugged. It will stand up to very heavy winds and snow.

What make this tent different is the weight. It is light enough and compact even to solo with. However there is plenty of room for two. The tent is extremely well thought out. Normally you can find something that could be improved upon but I can not with this tent. You feel that some one have some thought to this before they built it.
Highly recommend it.
November 27, 2019
Originally posted at
Absoutley Bomber Tent!
Great product that is absolutely bomb proof! takes wind like a champ and the window out front is awesome. The Eagle in the Chugach Range of Alaska really enjoyed the tent as well. If you had windows at both ends is the only recommendation I would make; windows are an amazing feature but if the wind is wrong you have to pitch the tent the other way and cant watch your packs for bear or weather watching. Thanks!
October 3, 2019
Originally posted at
It Is Alright
I have slept in the Battle Mountain II tent for well over 365 days over the course of 2 years. I have almost exclusively used this tent for work. Used in every season and weather event. (Consider my review from the viewpoint of someone who works out of my tent). I give this tent an overall rating of "meh".

Roomy-Could fit a third small person under extreme circumstances.
Structural stability-Bomber
Windproof-if thoroughly secured and aimed with the wind. Minimal wind noise.
Gear net storage-More than I will ever need.


Rain fly-My biggest gripe with this tent is that it will pool water on top of the rain fly. I will have to tighten down every corner of my tent and use the additional guylines. All in vein because the water will still pool. UV damage also is not covered under warranty and once this kind of stuff happens, things rip very easily. Because this is a mountaineering tent, UV is extra damaging the higher in elevation you go, so this to me is pretty lame and a waste of ca$h.

Short-I am 6 foot and my head and feet touch either end of the tent when inside my sleeping bag. Now imagine its negative 30 degrees outside and you wake up with cold feet.

Setup time-I did admit that this is a sturdy tent, you must sacrifice things for such. However, It takes me about 15 minutes to set up/take down this tent on a good day with the footprint. Maybe I am just soft and am not a speedy guy, but in many occasions (especially on those colder mornings or when it is wet and miserable.) it matters on comfort level and on a professional where i need to be timely.

Minor list of things I found, but have noticed:

Kind of a long with the vestibule on.
Great customer service
Bad warranty policy.
Zipping up the tent kinda sucks and is awkward (most used side of tent zipper starting to fail.)
Not very tall. I will occasionally knock stuff off of the roof gear net when changing or getting up.
It has a nice color at AM and PM for extra reading light!
June 17, 2019
Originally posted at
Withstood some gnarly high altitude weather
If you're headed somewhere and expecting nasty weather - high winds and big snow - this is the tent you want. I spent the winter camped in several high elevation campsites, culminating in a 5 day camp on the summit of Colorado's highest peak (14,400ft). I rode out one storm up there with gale force winds and pelting sleet/ice/snow...the tent held her own. It was smartly positioned into the wind and fully guyed out (I wish it came with more stakes!) but it took a beating up there for about 6 solid hours and never gave way. I now completely trust it, and you should too. Condensation is a problem when the doors are shut, but I can't say it's any worse than any other tent - hard to beat physics there if the weather doesn't allow you to ventilate. The stakes are bomber. Overall construction is solid. Very easy to set up with one person, even in less than ideal conditions. And the curb weight beats the pants off anything else in this class. Why are you still reading? Buy it!
March 28, 2019
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Great Tent! Long Term Durability
I've lived in the older version of this tent for weeks, carried it across the world and its served me well Great weight to protection ration and very comfortable and breathable. Fits 2 fully grown men with minimal gear quite comfortably. Two minor change I would make would be to extend the vestibule to the ground with flaps that can be buried to prevent precipitation from entering. Reason it doesn't get five stars is because of the long term durability of the tent material, after my first mission with it in heavy Alaskan winds small pin holes formed. They are easily patch-able either in the field or at home with more time but after prolonged use the strength of tent walls gets worse until you get a big failure and are left with a big hole in the tent. For a $700 tent I hope to get more than two seasons of use out of it,
February 6, 2019
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