Big Agnes Scout 2 Carbon with Dyneema Tent

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You'll want to see and feel this tent in action to believe the technical and ultralight performance of the crazylight, carbon version of our classic Scout tent. This is a single-wall, trekking-pole supported structure with a trail weight of 11oz(!), a roomy floor plan, and features that gives two people plenty of space both in length and width. Designed not only with the lightest-weight materials available, but this tent is built with Dyneema® Composite Fabrics - an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear resistant as well as fully waterproof. The Scout 2 Carbon with Dyneema® is an ultralight-weight adventurer's dream. These products are intended for only the most advanced user. Although extremely strong for their weight, these tents are not indestructible and require careful use to decrease the possibility of damage. Special care during setup and extended trips is important as rough handling, long-term abrasion, exposure to sharp objects or rocky campsite selection may result in fabric punctures and tears. We highly recommend using tent footprints with these tents to improve durability. Self-adhesive repair patches are included in the event that repairs must be made on the trail.

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I would not buy this
I used this for backcountry camping in the deep wilderness. The sides of the tent where the screen is low has clips that hold the middle of the pouch/condensation collector up. Leaning gently against these causes them to pull off and rip a hole in the tent at the insertion sites. When it rained after these broke a person had to hold up the condensation collector sides to keep the rain from coming in. Also the screens are low and adjacent to where you are on the ground. When a cold storm rolls Thru the cold wind blows right on you causing excessive freezing.

I am a big Agnes crazy light tent user and love their products. This tent needs major revisions to be useful for Thru hikers and minimalists. What I liked was it survived a hail storm and it is easy to set up and use.

Big Agnes please revise this product. Thank you
September 7, 2020
Originally posted at
I would not buy this product again
I really wanted to love this product. I am also a religious user of Big Agnes crazy light tents. This by far is the worst product by Big Agnes. The straps that holes the side pockets pulled off just by leaning onto side of tent just by sleeping. Not only did the strap pull off, it left a big hole in the side of the tent. The material seeming developed holes in the sides and roof. Tiny holes not from punctures or other external sources, rather just pulling apart. The tent has potential. It needs redesign. From a functional standpoint, it is perfect size, however, when the wind blows and it gets cold out the cold wind blows into the side vents right onto you. this is tolerable but can be a bit cold. A better design would be if the screen was higher up or smaller in size.
September 7, 2020
Originally posted at
Minor Tweaks
I have used this on only one trip so far. The fly should be extended a bit on the front. I had some wind blown spray enter in the ADK's. I loved the size, great for one or two at that weight! For the slight weight increase of a polycro ground cloth, it was worth it to help prevent punctures. Pine needles (or other forest duff) to set up on...without the cloth, I would have punctured it several times for sure. Pretty quick to set up but, be careful following the instructions. It is easy to stake out the floor too tight. Better too loose than too tight.
July 19, 2020
Originally posted at
Slight changes needed
Even at the expense of added weight, the entry could be a zipped netting with roll-up storm doors instead of a solid w/p fabric with eaves. Most nights, you need air circulation and mosquito protection over w/p storm protection. In its current configuration, you have to seal the tent to close off insects. One idea......
August 23, 2019
Originally posted at
Roomie and Lite
I have one of the original versions of this tent and I must say the new changes are welcoming. The poles are now external of the tent, which makes putting it up much easier and quicker. My only real complaint is that since the tent fabric is so light, it can easily get caught in the zipper. Extra care is needed when opening and closing this tent. Robust design that held up beautifully in a hard rain storm, stayed perfectly dry and warm.
February 11, 2019
Originally posted at