Big Agnes Tiger Wall 2 Carbon with Dyneema Tent

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If you could snap your fingers and the lightest, most packable two-door tent of your dreams would appear before you, this would be it. Designed with the lightest-weight materials available; Easton® carbon pole set and Dyneema® Composite Fabrics - an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear resistant as well as fully waterproof. This tent is any ultralight-weight traveler's dream. These products are intended for only the most advanced user. Although extremely strong for their weight, these tents are not indestructible and require careful use to decrease the possibility of damage. Special care during setup and extended trips is important as rough handling, long-term abrasion, exposure to sharp objects or rocky campsite selection may result in fabric punctures and tears. We highly recommend using tent footprints with these tents to improve durability. Self-adhesive repair patches are included in the event that repairs must be made on the trail.

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Semi free standing to free standing
I mange to set up using a 120cm pole to make the tent Into free standing as picture attached
January 26, 2020
Originally posted at
Semi free standing tent
The tent is so light weight and waterproof . It packs so small that is excellent. But one problem is that sometimes we may camp in solid ground , It has problem in the one single rod pole logic in the foot side end. May I know is there any accessory part that can transform the semi freestanding tent to absolute free standing tent?
January 15, 2020
Originally posted at
Wonderful weight savings, but beware of care needed
I upgraded from a BA Seedhouse SL1 to this tent for the extra space while lowering my shelter weight. I must say, I've never before been able to say my shelter was one of the lightest items in my pack. I've used the tent in fast-fly setup mostly because I've been out in warm weather in the Smokies. I've had to patch the fly twice due to punctures that I probably wouldn't have had with a sil-nylon or heavier Dyneema, but I figure that's part of the risk/reward of such a light tent. My last outing, though, I used the full setup. Like another reviewer, I had problems with the spreader pole poking holes in the fly. Since I had already used the provided patches, I called BA for some more and was told they do not have them available, they only come with the tent. They recommended a repair tape. I think this is rather poor support of a product BA knew was pushing the envelope of a thinner Dyneema material. I didn't want to put a repair tape on a $1,000 tent, so I ordered a Dyneema patch from ZPacks. I've put a nice size patch on the "corner" where the spreader pole pocket is to stregthen this area. Hopefully it will hold up better. I hope BA recognizes the need to have Dyneema patches available, because I expect to have more punctures in the future just because the material is so thin. Having said all this, I still am pleased with the tent. I have always taken good care of my gear, so taking care of this tent is no differernt for me. I really love the weight savings for a spacious, two door, double wall shelter.
January 7, 2020
Originally posted at
True weights and let's define better what the terms include
I unboxed and weighed the Tiger Wall Carbon 2 person tent components on my verified accurate scale down to 0.00oz. The "Trail Weight" does not appear to include the provided 9 stakes, 1 splint, 2 patches, 3 bags, and 1.2 ounces of accuracy. The tent and fly come in at 16oz (tent 9.25oz, fly 6.75oz), the carbon poles at 7.2oz. Together, that is 23.2oz. Already 1.2oz more than the advertised Trail Weight of 1lb 6oz. Next, let's add the stakes, patches, and splint at 3.8oz all together and we are at 27oz. Now, 27oz is the advertised "Packed Weight". With the 3 Dyneema bags left to include at 0.5oz. in total we are at 27.5oz. Want to live dangerously and leave the pole splint at home you can save 0.3oz. The two Dyneema patches were about 0.05oz together. The 9 stakes totaled about 3.45oz. At $999.95 MSRP for the consumers out there the 5.5 ounces over Trail Weight is significant to define and provide details of IMHO. Just considering the tent, fly, and poles, not sure how BA gets to the 1lb 6oz Trail Weight? This tent feels very delicate and easy to damage as BA warns us. But, I do look forward to using it and writing another review at the end of fall. I'm comfort driven in the weight on my back sense, thus willing to spend a lot of hard earned cash on the lightest freestanding tent I can find. I will pack it at the 27.5oz weight setup because I use stakes 90%-100% of the time on each trip, not rocks, and those patches seem really important to carry with this tent. Also the splint, because safety first.
June 7, 2019
Originally posted at
Would not recommended it for hardcore backcountry trip
Had been a Big Agnes fans for years, my previous tent was Copper Spur HV UL2, love the tent! Recently upgraded to Tiger Wall 2 Carbon for the crazylight tent. Took it out to Reflection Cayon for a backpack trip over the weekend. It was windy and the crossover pole came off the pocket and poked a hole on the rainfly. Went home and setup the tent just to take a few pictures for BA Customer Service to review for warranty. When I trying to tear down the tent, maybe I applied too much force? The rainfly ripped a crack. Not sure how much QC was done with this product, but I don't really see how it can be use on a hardcore multidays trails.
April 30, 2019
Originally posted at