BigMouth Giant Shark Beach Blanket

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If you hate the feeling of sand in your fish fillet, you should upgrade from that raggedy ol' bath towel from 1991 to our Gigantic Shark Beach Blanket. It's soft, tough, and over 5 hilarious feet wide, which means you'll finally have ample space to stretch out and work on that tan. The fabric was designed specifically to keep sand from seeping up and ruining your lunch. Plus, we all know that losing track of your beach spot is a recipe for panic. Our beach blankets are bright and bold, making them instantly recognizable. Even better, the storage pouch makes a great beach tote. Don't forget the Beverage Boats, Cooler, or Giant Pool Float!
5 feet wide and ultra-soft
Perfect for the beach, pool, lake, concerts, and more
The original! often imitated, but never equalled in quality
A much more effective barrier between you and the sand vs a towel
Won't get caught in between your teeth before the previews are even over
Fun for all ages

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