Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp

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The award-winning Spot 325 Headlamp is back, redesigned with a lower, lighter, and even brighter profile. Black Diamond updated the user interface to include a second switch for fuss-free lens mode selection, which allows you to switch easily between proximity and distance lighting, or change to strobe or red night-vision. Peripheral lighting comes in handy for close-range activities at camp, and if you turn the headlamp off at any point, Brightness Memory keeps track of your last used setting so you don't have to fiddle with the headlamp each time.

A solid headlamp for lighting up the trail before you
Waterproof construction ready for all-weather adventuring
Multi-faceted optical lens enhances illumination to save battery
Secondary switch provides easy operation between light modes
Lighting on housing indicates remaining battery life

Bulbs: LED
Power Source: 3 AAA
Batteries Included: yes
Modes: proximity, distance, strobe, red-light
Lumens[high] 325, [medium] 160, [low] 6
Distance[high] 80m, [medium] 60m, [low] 8mBurn Time[high] 4h, [medium] 8h, [low] 200hWaterproofIPX 8Claimed Weight3oz

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Simple and Bright
I just needed a bright simple headlamp. This has worked great. A few settings, but not overwhemling like a lot of headlamps I've had in the past. Definitely bright and I always feel like the batteries last longer in a battery headlamp vs a rechargable.
January 7, 2020
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Great product
Light, bright, and efficient head torch. Very comfortable
January 5, 2020
Originally posted at
3 button headlamp?...over complicated
The strap is great. The pivoting head is great. I am impressed by the battery life.
The features seem great, but the fact that you need 3 buttons to operate a headlamp should be a give away that this is a classic feature bloat situation.

Honestly, you may forget the buttons functions. The worst part though is the buttons themselves. You have 3 buttons and each button feels different. So they took an overly complicated feature heavy design and then made it completely inconsistent in that every button feels different to touch. A little consistency would have gone a long way. This is classic over design. The only button where there is a clear click is the power button.
The worst button is the side button which is a "touch" button that responds to skin. Doesn't work so well with gloves on. Who designs a headlamp that you have to take off gloves to use? Even if it did work since there is no tensile click it works poorly.

To top it off, the battery light is simply annoying. Everytime you turn the headlamp off, a new light comes on for several seconds displaying the battery power. When I hit the off button, I want it dark, not another several seconds of battery information. If they were going to do this it should have been done when the headlamp is turned on, not off.

If they made the buttons consistent and de-emphasized the battery light I might fall in love with this headlamp, but right now it just feels overly complicated.
January 4, 2020
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Lousy buttons/controls
I bought this spot 325 headlight to get rid of the yellow spot in the center of the led beam of the previous model, I own too. Well, the light is bright now without yellow spot. The batteries come out better and most other functions are the same.
However, one very important thing is really lousy and much worse, and that are the two-button controls. Very often I need to press 2-3 times to press the button and switch the lamp on or off. And when I want to switch mode, my finger needs to find the small button.
The previous one-button spot was so-much-better in this respect.

This is my third diamond headlight. I use them every day for more than 5 years now.
Really disappointed with this model and thinking about trying another brand.
November 27, 2019
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Will not take new batteries
I bought this headlamp in the beginning of the summer and it worked pretty well. It was bright and light weight. But when it came time to change the batteries it refuses to work with new batteries. I can put the old ones in and it’ll still work but it’s so dim from the almost dead batteries there’s not point in bringing the headlamp on a trip. But any new batteries I put in it does nothing, which is a huge shame since I bought it less then a year ago and can’t even use it anymore.
November 13, 2019
Originally posted at
325 vs 375 headlamp
I bought a 375 and a 325. The instructions were all pictographs, and pretty indecipherable. I am able work to use most of the features of the 375, but the 325 buttons are just not user friendly. I use them for working up close (small repair jobs, etc and walking the dog, so my lack of operational ability is not really a problem.
October 28, 2019
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Great light, SUPER bright!
This is my second BD headlamp. First was a Spot Titanium 2013, still works but the pivot broke (fixed with glue so now its my glove box light. This 2019 version is AMAZINGLY bright. Maiden voyage north Yosemite rim, lit up the woods, really throws the light. It's lighter, stronger, brighter, but kinda boxy design (not as sleek as the earlier model). The separate light mode button, allows you to turn light on/off and keep your previous setting "memory." Hold the big button (on/off/dim) down for dimming in all modes, but dont look at diods when both whites are on, it'll burn your retinas (jk, but it's bright) .
AND, BD's customer service is AWESOME, they really take care of you. No, Im not related to anyone in the company.
October 10, 2019
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Great setting control
It took a few moments to figure out the controls, but once I got it, love the press and hold to dim, as well as the spot and red light functions.
October 2, 2019
Originally posted at
I've had this headlamp for around 6 months have been able to use it for about 20 minutes. There's an issue with the battery compartment where the light will barely stay on. Open the door, adjust the batteries, it comes on, shut the door, and it turns off. I had a princeton tec that I loved, but I lost it. I truly regret ever buying anything from this company. I do lots of electrical work in ceilings and have had to use cheap hardware store lamps instead.
September 24, 2019
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This headlamp is awesome
First use this morning on a 7 mile run. Headlamp stayed bright and never moved out of the setting I had it in. All in all highly recommend this product. For 40 bucks you cant go wrong.
September 19, 2019
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