Boys Warstic IK3 PRO Baseball Batting Gloves

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Boys Warstic IK3 PRO Baseball Batting Gloves


Sleek yet strong, the new IK3 Pro Batting Gloves are built to Warstic co-owner Ian Kinsler's exacting standards. These are designed to feel like you're not wearing any gloves; they're lightweight, but ultra durable. That unencumbered feel makes for a more comfortable, less distracting at-bat. Made with sheepskin leather on the palms and fingers, it provides flexibility while molding to your hands for that desired layer of protection. On the back of the hand, the speed mesh gives the gloves additional stretch for a better fit. Coupled with the neoprene wristband and strap, you gain some rigidity without sacrificing necessary wrist movement. With Ian's design direction and specifications, these are our most Pro Style batting gloves ever.
Small perforations on the palm side fingers give added airflow and grip.
"BATTLE" written in gold above the wrist notch on each pair of gloves, with "Warstic" in gold on the velco strap and small, gold Warstripes on the back of hand.
IK3 embroidered on the back of the ring finger.

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