Browning X-bolt Speed Rifle

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Browning X-bolt Speed Rifle


We didn't hold back when designing the X-Bolt Speed. This is a true mountain-style rifle with the features that send it straight to the top of the peak for hunters looking for proven performance and accuracy.

The sporter contour barrel is fluted and comes in standard barrel lengths to keep the rifle light, maneuverable and easy to carry. The muzzle is threaded M13x0.75 to accept the included radial muzzle brake or thread protector cap. For additional performance, the Browning Recoil Hawg Sporter muzzle brake can also be added. The barrel is free floated for consistent accuracy. Browning OVIX camouflage is a unique configuration of shapes and natural colors that displace the hard silhouette of the human shape. This innovative design creates a consistent pattern of concealment that is suitable for a variety of environments. The optimized color pallet creates high contrast break-up at close range. At greater distances the shapes blend together to create a natural mirage. The combination of atmospheric optics with white light color scattering creates the essential background for this revolutionary camouflage pattern. When compared to the traditional blueing process, premium Cerakote finishes offer the combination of increased durability, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. The X-Bolt is free-floated by bedding the front and rear of the action for stability and to help maintain barrel to stock spacing for consistent accuracy. A recessed muzzle crown helps protect the rifling from damage. For precise shooting in the field or off the bench, there’s absolutely no substitute for a good, predictable trigger. The X-Bolt’s new three-lever Feather Trigger provides a clean, crisp pull with no take-up or creep and minimal overtravel. The trigger is screw adjustable from 3 to 5 lbs. and factory pre-set at approximately 3 1/2 lbs. An alloy trigger housing contains the hard chromed steel components that are highly polished on all critical contact surfaces. Precise engagement angles mean the X-Bolt Feather Trigger feels light and right and stays that way through many thousands of rounds. Unlike competitors’ triggers with secondary fingerpiece levers, the Feather Trigger is designed right, from the very start.

The Cerakote Smoked Bronze finish is applied to the action and barrel and offers metal protection that is better than traditional bluing or stainless steel. The lightweight composite stock features the concealment of Browning OVIX camo. This pattern offers excellent concealment in a variety of terrain and environments.

Versatile Browning OVIX Camo

Cerakote Smoked Bronze finish protects better than traditional bluing or stainless steel
Fluted, sporter contour barrel for the ideal blend of accuracy and weight savings
Threaded radial muzzle brake reduces felt recoil (thread protector included)

Weather-resistant composite stock

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