CamelBak Repack LR 4 50oz Hydration Pack

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The ideal option for hard-charging riders who need more than a water bottle, but who don’t want to carry a full backpack, the Repack™ offers a minimalist approach to wearable hydration.

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Good Storage Compartments
After trying a couple other brands, I gave this one a shot and it’s been my favorite so far. Having used backpack style hydration packs for many years, using a hip pack is a welcome change. This one in particular sits well on the hips and has good adjustability in the buckle system. The compartments are laid out well with ample amount of room for your tools and other tidbits you want to carry. The one and only thing that would make it a 5 star product in my opinion would be a dedicated padded compartment for a cell phone.
September 11, 2020
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Exactly what I was looking for ... a dry back!!
I’m a hyper-sweater and my back just gets drenched when I wear a back pack so I was looking for something that would be a little more comfortable. I’ve gone back and forth about getting a hip pack. I finally pulled the trigger and glad I did. No more sweaty back and in fact don’t even notice it back there. I was thinking that maybe with a 50 oz bladder I could only get a 2 hr ride in but what I wasn’t expecting is that I don’t drink quite as much because I’m not losing as much water from sweat so I can extend the length of rides to 3-3.5 hrs. If I’m going longer I just put a 20 oz bottle in the cage and I’ve got 70oz of water with me which is the same as my smaller backpack. I was a little worried about the pack being sloppy and bouncing around especially when you get down to half full bladder. This was a non-issue since I could tighten the waist straps on the go. The only issue I had was putting the tube that wraps around your waist back in the proper place when done drinking but its second nature now. I was also pleasantly surprised with how much space the pack has for other items. I put bars/snacks in the 2 waist pockets and my phone, keys rain jacket in the rear pack with still a little more room for other things. Overall, I’m highly impressed with this hip pack and highly recommend.
September 1, 2020
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Great Hip Pack
This is a great hip pack. I had been curious about how well this would work for me.The thought of getting a heavy hot pack off my back for at least shorter rides was the reason for me giving it a shot. It works great for that. It holds enough water on a hot day to get me through 2 plus hrs and has just enough space to handle all of the essentials and my phone. All of that does max it out so I wouldnt use this guy for longer, deeper rides but it is perfect for the intended use. I was also unsure how it would feel and whether it would bounce around. It feels and fits great with zero bouncing around. It just locks onto your hips and is very easy to adjust. Big winner here. Can't believe I didnt go this direction sooner.
July 27, 2020
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Time to Rethink Repack
I bought my Repack for mountain biking two years ago and have absolutely loved it for riding and hiking. The ability to stash my essentials and stay hydrated on any hike or bike ride.
The only downside is, I recently started to experience a minimal leak around the opening, and have been trying to look for a replacement reservoir before the leak is unmanageable but am sad to say I can't find the 1.5 L Crux anywhere. This is disappointing to me.
Hopefully this is an inventory thing and not a dismissal of the reservoir that I need.
June 15, 2020
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Great little pack for a short ride.
It’s nice to not have a full on pack but still carry essential water and supplies
May 10, 2020
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CamelBak Repack
I purchased this new pack to replace my previous "fanny" pack-type CamlBak that I've had for approximately 15 years. It's a bit larger than my previous one and will take me a minute to become accustomed to it. It has more pockets and storage. I know I will learn to love it!
April 14, 2020
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very well. d this item for MTB. Besides my water I keep my tools and flat kits for my bike in it. I still have two spare pockets. Works out very well. I generally wear a traditional pack style CamelBak in conjunction with this for extra water, first aid and other belongings. Does exactly what I need it to do, and then some.
March 15, 2020
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Awesome Pack!
I love this pack, I was looking for a low profile that can hold all of my gadgets and this one is perfect for that! My only complaint is that that main compartment is a hair too small to hold another layer (ie long sleeve shirt).
November 25, 2019
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Should've Bought This a Long Time Ago!
I wish I had bought this a long time ago. The 1.5L bladder is perfect for rides up to 3 or 4 hours and it has tons of space for tools and food. I use it for both MTB and gravel rides. It's very comfortable and keeps me cooler than a backpack.
November 19, 2019
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Great in certain situations
I bought this thinking I'd use it on shorter (2 hour or less mountain bike rides and for shorter hikes in the summer/longer in the winter where 100oz of water isn't always needed.

For the mountain bike I have 1, 24oz bottle in the cage with my electrolyte drink and just use water in this. I find it works pretty good at relieving strain on my back from wearing a shoulder pack. However when it is full in the beginning you have to keep it tight or the pack will slide down. I find that it can bother my breathing in the beginning of a ride. As you drink more you will need to adjust the straps to tighten the belt which is easy to do if you set the straps up right (fold them correctly with the velco tabs that are sewn on the pack. The pack can hold a lot and has numerous compartments which is handy. Overall for mountain biking I give it a 3.5/5 but with a lot of issues arising from just the weight of the water itself. The magnetic strip makes it easy to put the tube back into place. The only problem is when the clip that attaches to the magnet clipped into the pouch itself comes off with the tube line. I prefer the magnetic clip just stay on the magnet on the pouch just coming up with the line. That's just my preference.

For hiking I love this pack. It actually makes me hike with better posture as the pack in right in my lower lumbar area. It beats carrying the shoulder pack which can aggravate the neck and shoulder muscles after a few hours. Again the pouches on the pack arm are handy and I usually place a bar or other food in that one so I can grab it without have to take the pack off. This is also nice because it covers less of your back so you don't have sweat on your entire back like when you wear a shoulder pack. I like that for the winter as I try to stay as dry as possible when its 20-30 degrees out.

To end, remember it basically is a fanny pack but I try not to see it that way. I think it works great for hiking and I feel better after hikes since it really seems to support the lower lumbar area. Just a note when you put the bladder into the pack make sure to do it the right way or the line will kink and it becomes hard to get any water out. That's my main issue with the pack, the placement of the water line to the pack. They should have made the bladder so that the tube can come off it at a downward angle so it can go straight out of the packs opening along the straps.
October 25, 2019
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