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Less Grip. More Distance? YEP!

Most golfers grip their clubs too tight, creating tension and interfering with positive swings. Swing Hero shows you the proper grip pressure to hit longer, more accurate shots. Free up your swing and allow those expensive golf clubs you bought to do their job! While Swing Hero might be a small golf training aid, it serves as a great complement to Frogger’s line-up of innovative golf accessories, and can help make a huge difference in your golf game.

  • Compact device that slips snugly on the end of your club
  • Works with any size club grip (will be tighter fit on bigger grips)
  • Promotes proper address position and light grip pressure
  • Increases your swing range of motion by eliminating tension
  • Helps with body rotation and club release
  • Increases club head feel and awareness for improved accuracy
  • Instructional Swing DVD by PGA Pro Kris Moe
  • Compact size stores easily, includes a carry bag
  • Set Up: Slip over the end of any club grip (other than putters) with the open end of the hand guard facing down.
  • Grip: Grip the club with an exaggerated light grip pressure and allow your forearms to relax. Your top hand should lightly butt up against the hand guard.
  • Adjust: Rotate the device left or right to your preferred stronger or weaker hand position. Swing hero works regardless of grip preference. Swing hero can also be pushed down the grip if you prefer to choke down.
  • Swing: Swing the club with an exaggerated light grip pressure and allow your forearms to relax. The hand guard will keep the club from flying out of your hands. A light grip pressure allows you to feel the club and the centrifugal force it generates during the swing. This helps you focus on increased club speed, proper body rotation and club release.

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