Clam CPT Tikka Mino

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Clam Tikka Mino-Lure Them In
Exclusively designed for a vertical presentation, the Clam Tikka Mino is an environmentally friendly lure that perfectly mimics a panicked baitfish. Press play to learn more!

Clam CPT Tikka Mino


The Clam Tikka Mino Jig is the ultimate jigging minnow for ice fishing—now available in SCHEELS Exclusive colors like Clown Glow and Glow Orange Tiger. Designed for a vertical presentation, the Clam Tikka Mino swims and darts just like a panicked baitfish so fish can't resist striking. The environmentally-friendly Zinc Alloy construction and molded features make this plastic bait incredibly durable. Plus, Prism Holographic Colors and UV Glow paint are easy for fish to see, even in murky or dark water. Lure them in and catch more fish with the Clam Tikka Mino Jig.
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SCHEELS Exclusive colors:
Weight Length Hook size
1/16 oz 1 in #16
1/8 oz 1-3/8 in #14
3/16 oz 1-11/16 in #12
5/16 oz 1-15/16 in #10
5/8 oz 2-1/2 in #8
7/8 oz 3-1/4 in #6
  • Swims and darts like a panicked baitfish
  • Prism Holographic Colors
  • Reflect flash and light
  • Perfectly balanced
  • One-piece design
  • Ultra-sharp hooks
  • Molded 3D eyes
  • UV Glow colors
  • Molded tail fin
  • Designed for vertical presentation
  • Made of Zinc Alloy

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