Clam Dave Genz Drop Kick Tungsten Jig

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The DROP-KICKTM, was designed by Mr. Dave Genz to be the ultimate jig with a perfect cadence. It features a 90-degree XL hook with a larger tie-eye, stronger wire and increased hook gap for better hook-up percentage compared to other jigs. When the DROP-KICKTM is jigged correctly, it creates a "kick" that panfish can't resist. We also designed the top of the jig with a large flat surface, perfect for seeing on your sonar unit with smaller size jig. The DROP-KICKTM comes in twelve colors and are all UV coated giving these jigs a great finish. Drop kick the fish on your next trip on the ice.
Dave Genz Designed, Tested & Approved
Made from Tungsten, 30% heavier than lead
Custom 90 degree long-shank jig hook for packing larvae
Drop-Kick Kicking Motion - Kicks the plastic or live bait back-and-forth
Dave gives it a rapid quivering cadence that delivers a "kick" which sends out vibrations calling fish in
Set the hook when you can't feel the kick - you got a fish on
90 degree hook allows anglers to move position of knot - front, center or back for ultimate tuning
Weights: 1/32 oz., 3/64 oz. & 1/16oz.
Hook Sizes: 12, 10, 8
Species: Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, Trout, Walleye & Sauger
Bait with: Makiplastic, Eurolarvae, Waxxies, Spikes, Crappie Minnow

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