Clam Deluxe Spoon Box

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Clam Deluxe Spoon Box


The Clam Deluxe Spoon Boxes are conveniently sized to keep your tackle organized. These Clam spoon boxes are made with polypro and a foam insert to protect and organize your ice fishing spoons and other lures. The clear case makes it easy to identify the lures in the box, while the durable construction keeps your spoons performing your best. This spoon box is available in three sizes to hold 46, 81, or 104 spoons, so you'll have the right amount of storage for your collection of ice fishing spoons. Say goodbye to messy and oversized tackle boxes with the Clam Deluxe Spoon Box.

    Specifically designed for ice anglers
  • Polypro box with cellular foam insert
  • Clear case for convenient organization
  • Keeps spoons protected and securely in place
  • Small Dimensions: 8” x 9” x 3"
    • Includes 33 slots for your favorite spoons
  • Large Dimensions: 14” x 9” x 3”
    • Includes 81 slots for your favorite spoons
  • Extra Large Dimensions: 14.5” X 10.5” X 4”
    • Includes 104 spots for your favorite spoons

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