Clam Ice Jig Box

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Clam Ice Jig Box


The Clam Jig Box is the perfect tool for any ice angler looking to conveniently store jig baits for the ice season. This Clam jig box is designed with a durable construction and a compact build for easy storage and transport. The box is filled with a variety of pre-cut jig slots so you can fit all your tackle in one compact box for convenience. With its easy-to-use design, the Clam Jig Box is a great choice for any ice angler with lots of different jig baits looking to make the most of their ice fishing experience.

  • Button enclosures
  • Pre-cut jig slots
  • Three sizes
  • No more messy tackle boxes
  • Sport silicone for waterproof seal
  • Medium and large sizes have clear sides for easy tackle identification and are two sided
  • Medium: 146 individual pre-cut jig slots
  • Large: 250 individual pre-cut jig slots
  • Small: 40 individual pre-cut jig slots plus organizer cubicles in the lid
  • Magnum: 420 slots for jigs
  • Mini: 80 slots for jigs

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