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Clean Simple Eats Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

Clean Simple Eats Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

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Product Description


Ingredients: Hemp Protein Isolate, Pumpkin Seed Protein, Organic Flax Seed, Chia Seed, VitaFiber (IMO), Xylitol (Natural Birch), Coconut Oil MCT 50%, Natural French Vanilla Flavor, Sea Salt, Konjac (Root), Natural Chai Flavor, Bitter Blocker Flavor, Enzyme Blend, Stevia Leaf Extract 98%, Monk Fruit.

Allergen Warning: Tree Nut (Coconut)

Plant powered protein is a great supplement to any diet! Our new Clean Simple Vegan Eats protein isn't just another vegan protein powder though. These vegan powders have a smooth texture and delicious taste. You guys, we nailed it! Just like any of our other products, we thought and fought long and hard to get this formula just right. Our vegan protein is clean, effective, tastes great AND can easily be swapped into any of our Clean Simple Eats recipes found in the meal plans without having to alter the recipe at all!

Each scoop provides:
18g of the highest quality vegan protein
105 calories - 1F / 6C / 18P
5g of fiber
Enzymes for better absorption
MCT powder for better recovery
ZERO added sugars
NO artificial anything!
NO gluten
NO dairy
NO soy, pea, rice

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