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Cosmic Pet Boredom Busters Indulge Dog Feeder Licking Mat

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Cosmic Pet Boredom Busters Indulge Dog Feeder Licking Mat


New! Made in USA Boredom Busterz large orange indulge slow feeder licking mat for dogs & cats our Boredom Busterz large indulge measures 11 x 11 and holds a "Ton" of distraction & entertainment for pets. The licking mat slow feeders mat has 4 quadrants with a unique "X" pattern that allows pets to enjoy soft treats, banana smoothies, peanut butter and so much more! The indulge will relax and calm your furry friend. The large size is great for large dogs or smaller dogs with a huge appetite! Think tv dinner for your pet! Our boredom busterz are freezer friendly so you can make several meals (or yummy treats) at the same time. Freeze them for the next day, and the next day, and the next day..... made in the USA! Dishwasher safe freezer friendly use with soft/moist treats or wet food to occupy and indulge your pet!

Licking helps eliminate boredom and reduces anxiety stimulates mental health with licking activity extra saliva generated while licking aids in digestion scientifically proven for cats and dogs!

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