Cosmo Fit Flight Gear Normal Spinning Dart Shafts

Item No. 17385-NRMLSPIN
$7.19 - $8.99
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Product Description

Overall strength is enhanced by using polycarbonate resin. It's now easier to tell between locked and spinning... Spinning shafts have a rounded top and Locked shafts have a flat top. Also, the top of the locked shaft is now in a matte finish.

If you install flights onto a Locked style shaft and then onto a Spin style shaft, you may notice the flight is looser than normal and may pop off easier. Avoid this by using separate flights for Locked and Spin shafts.

  • Only work with Fit Flights
  • All Dart Shafts are Sold in a set of 3
  • Shaft length is the overall length not including threads
  • Thread is approximately 40% stronger
  • Top where flights lock on are approximately 30% stronger

  • 01 - Super XShort (13.0mm)
  • 02 - XShort (18.0mm)
  • 03 - Short (24.0mm)
  • 04 - Inbetween (28.5mm)
  • 05 - Medium (31.0mm)
  • 06 - Medium Long (35.0mm)
  • 07 - Long (38.5mm)
  • 08 - XLong (42.5mm)
  • Manufacturer: Cosmo
  • Shaft Material: Polycarbonate
  • Shaft Thread Size: 2ba
  • Shaft Model: Gear
  • Shaft Shape: Normal
  • Locked or Spinning: Spinning

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