CROSSNET: Four Square Meets Volleyball

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An Upgraded Four Square Game
CROSSNET is a fun, competitive game to play at the lake, on the beach, or in the backyard. Watch this video to learn how to play CROSSNET!

Product Description

CROSSNET combines volleyball and four-square for hours of group fun. CROSSNET is the ultimate party game where four players or four teams of two compete against each other in elimination-style play. Played at the park, beach, or lake, this CROSSNET game comes with everything you need to play. The adjustable poles allow CROSSNET to be played at different heights for youth or adults. For summer outdoor fun, check out CROSSNET and get everyone moving.

  • CROSSNET outdoor game
  • Play at the beach, lake, backyard, or park
  • Combines outdoor volleyball and four square
  • Adjustable height to children's (5'6"), women's (7'4"), and men's (7'11")
  • Net
  • Poles
  • Pump
  • Volleyball
  • Carrying bag

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