Crosstac MK109 Muzzle Break

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Crosstac MK109 Muzzle Break


The Crosstac MK109 Muzzle break was created based of Army science and research. Other brake designs use excessive weight to help the reduction of recoil, or are built to look tactically cool. The Crosstac are not built with excessive weight but still hold the high standard of reducing recoil jumps. Aftet extensive research and review Crosstac has bulit a muzzle break off Howitzer models that dramatically reduces recoil, and virtually eliminating the chances of muzzle climb. The MK109 are designed for caliber specific as the ports are milled to a specific caliber.

  • Weights: approx. 0.18 lb.
  • Class 3 threads (tight for minimal slop)
  • Black Oxide coated
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel, hardened (this is tough stuff and will last a long time)
  • Sizes: approx. 1" x 3.0"

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