Daiwa Tatula 200 Baitcast Reel

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Daiwa Tatula 200 Baitcast Reel


The Daiwa Tatula 200 Baitcast Reel is the answer to many heavier tackle demands. Reinforced Brass Gearing can carry the load of more powerful quarry and is housed with a Rigid Aluminum Frame and Sideplate. To handle increased torque, a custom 100mm Swept Handle can turn the barrel with greater ease. The handle also utilizes comfortable Soft Touch Knobs. A Matte Black Finish with Red Spider Graphics make this reel a looker. Well designed for deep cranking, punching, flipping, chatter baits, swimbaits, and working a frog. Deep Spool and generous line capacity.

Model Bearings Gear Ratio Retrieve Weight Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Max Drag
TAT200HS 7BB+1 7.3:1 32.2" 8.1 oz 12/250, 16/185, 20/150 30/190, 40/145 13.2 lb
  • 100mm Baitcast Handle
  • Magforce: Daiwa's first iteration of the famous magnetic cast control system, Magforce is a spool braking system designed to slow the rotational speed through a dialled magnetic control.
  • T-Wing System: Daiwa's revolutionary T-Wing System addresses the issue of traditional line guide/level wind systems constricting line flow by delivering a T-shaped line guide that is larger, wider and less restrictive. TWS allows line to exit freely from the spool with minimal line angle and minimal friction, thereby reducing line noise and backlash, and delivering more accurate and longer casts.

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