Dillon XL 650 Reloading Press

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Reloading press and converstion kit for Dillon XL 650 Reloading Press.

Truly state of the art the XL 650 features automatic indexing an optional automatic casefeeder and a separate station for an optional powder-level sensor. Available in popular calibers.
5-Station Interchangeable Toolhead

  • Station 1) resize/deprime
  • Station 2) powder drop/flare
  • Station 3) powder check
  • Station 4) seat
  • Station 5) crimp
  • Mechanically indexed shellplate
  • Uses Standard 7/8" x 14 Dies
  • Mechanically inserted cases
  • Manually fed bullets
  • Casefeed tube to automatically insert cases
  • Loading Rate: 500-800 Rds./Hr.
  • Comes With One Caliber Conversion
  • Lifetime "No-B.S." Warranty


The basic 650 includes the following:


  • One powder measure with standard large and small powder bars (small bar installed)
  • Small bar throws from 2.1 to 15 grains of powder
  • Large bar throws from 15 to 55(extruded type)-60(ball/spherical type) grains of powder
  • One prime system with large and small priming parts (appropriate size installed).
  • One large and one small primer pick-up tube
  • Low Primer Alarm
  • One loaded cartridge bin
  • One toolhead
  • One powder die
  • One caliber conversion kit - installed
  • One set of standard Allen wrenches
  • Machine Height from bench is 32" without the optional electric case feeder 38 1/2" with the electric case feeder installed.


Dillon XL 650 Conversion Kit Includes:
Includes shellplate locator buttons powder funnel and casefeed adapter parts.


Customer Reviews

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Top of the line!!!
To the fella reloading for 30 years?? Your nuts!! Dillon is top of the line. Better work on your finesse. Lol!!!!! paper weight????? You should quit reloading and become a comedian.
December 9, 2018
Upgraded from 550 to 650
I decided to upgrade from a 550B to the 650 and I am so glad I did. Productivity level is amazing.
November 26, 2018
2 months ago
Overpriced Junk
Been reloading for 30 years. Fiancé bought the 650 at Scheels for me. It is a glorified paperweight. Powder measure won’t throw a consistent charge, primer system works sporadically- I wouldn’t trust a round out of this thing. Save your cash, don’t buy into the Dillon hype and buy something else that actually works
November 10, 2018
Amazing press and well worth the money. The step up from a single stage was great!
June 23, 2018
Never has YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR been more true
I started loading with a Lee loadmaster Progressive press and after two months I was done and started looking at the RCBS, Hornady, and Dillon Progressive presses, after much thought I decided on the Dillon XL-650 and haven't looked back since, I always had to fiddle with and adjust the lee to get decent ammo and barely could run in full Progressive mode because it required too much force with all stations filled, but the Dillon XL-650 requires very little effort to operate even with all five stations filled, this press just works, period..... I love my Dillon XL-650 press and it might seem like overkill but it isn't, it's a very well built and extremely good press and I have had zero problems with it so far and don't foresee any problems in the future, at least I hope I don't have any problems but I am confident I won't, if you want the best preses on the market then get a Dillon, yeah it's a bit more money then the other brands, but you get what you pay for and with Dillon your paying for the best quality and most reliable press on the market that will simply work when you need it to, plain and simple!!!!!m
Caliber conversions are a little expensive compared to other brands but the conversion kits have a lot in them, I love my Dillon and I can also convert it to a standard single stage press in just a few seconds when needed, and it's a very robust and strong single stage press, I also love the strong mount, it makes it a lot easier to use and puts less stress on the edge of the bench, I love hornady products too and wanted a hornady ammo plant but not enough to make me
Want to get rid of my XL-650 to get one!!!!!

So again just get the Dillon and save the time and dissapointment and frustration and just get big blue and call it a day and be happy knowing you have the best press there is out there
March 8, 2018
Frees up family time
While I enjoy reloading I also enjoy the time with my family. This press makes that possible. It takes a little bit to get it set up but If you take your time and do each stage one at a time Before you know it its set up. Single stage press will take a lot longer to produce the 250 to 500 rounds for range day. Wish I bought this right away. also get the case feeder as that saves a lot of time. you wont regret this investment it will pay for itself
March 24, 2017