Dimplex Flights Standard American Flag

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Dimplex Flights Standard American Flag


Express your patriotism in a distinctive way with the Dimplex Flights Standard American Flag. This stunning flag is not just a piece of fabric but a symbol of unity, liberty, and courage - a testament to the enduring spirit of the great nation of America.

Crafted with precision, the Dimplex Flights Standard American Flag boasts 50 exquisitely embroidered stars on a field of vibrant blue, representing each of the United States. The thirteen alternating red and white stripes stand for the original colonies that declared independence from Britain. The deep, rich colors of the flag make a bold statement and embody the strength of our nation.

But the Dimplex Flights Standard American Flag is not just about aesthetics. It also showcases exceptional durability. Made with high-quality polyester, this flag can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Rain or shine, the colors will not fade or bleed. The flag is also fitted with two sturdy brass grommets, ensuring it remains securely attached to your flagpole even in high winds.

The Dimplex Flights Standard American Flag is versatile and suitable for various occasions. Whether you wish to celebrate national holidays, honor veterans, or simply showcase your national pride daily, this flag is a perfect choice.


  • Available in various styles and colors for extensive customization.
  • Flights are 100 microns thick to prevent bending and splitting.
  • Bold design brings a patriotic flair to your dart game.


  • Flight Thickness: 100 micron

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