Do-All The Raven | 50 Stack Auto Trap Thrower

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Product Description

The Raven features a 50 bird clay stack, 25' foot pedal cord and built in wheels and handle for easy carry and storage. This unit has the ability to launch clays from 55-80 yards. Works with standard and biodegradable targets. Ability to alter spring tension, by hand, with its' unique spring tensioning system. This unit also boasts a safety pin, disarm feature and reinforced safety ring for a safe and enjoyable trap shooting experience.
  • Rolling Shooting Range: The Raven has built-in wheels and a pull handle for easy carry and storage. It throw can throw clays 50-80 yards with a 2.5 second recycle time.
  • Arm made of aircraft aluminum with a 5 -35 degree angle of adjustment allowing for different throwing planes. Our silky smooth feeder tray provides a flawless transfer of pigeon onto the throwing arm by loading directly to the throwing arm. The Raven has a durable textured matte finish.
  • Safety pin ensures that the arm does not fire in an accidental release. It features an attachable safety ring guard and a food pedal release with 25 foot cord with an adjustable limit switch for timing adjustments in the field.
  • One man operation: The Raven will provide you a rolling shooting range that makes one man operation fun and easy while expertly launching your standard or bio clays. It handles all standard, bio's, 108mm, and 110mm clays.
  • Practice your Skills: Providing a great way to practice your duck hunting skills off season, The Raven runs off a 12V deep cycle marine battery (not included), is compatible with the Do-All Outdoors wireless remote and Wobbler, and features a low battery indicator light and On/OFF/RELEASE switch.

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Rated 4 out of 5
Not too bad, but Not great.
decent thrower that doesn’t weigh much, the clay tower can be easily removed and this unit could fit into a car trunk. I bought the assembled floor unit and it shattered clays immediately. With some adjustment, it shatters probably one in ten. Launches decent distance and seems built robust enough to be used regularly. It sometimes launches an additional clay unexpectedly after a launch.
-Scheels price matched in store, saved money!
-Wheels are pretty handy to move short distances.
-doesn’t move much on launch
-can use a regular extension cord to extend pedal cord! Cool!
-Battery connections are TOO SHORT! Battery has to remain very close, won’t be able to hook up to your pickup battery.
-unexpected secondary clay launches
-finicky to adjust, difficult to make it launch clays without shattering.
-chain driven rather than gears, wear item.
-Clay tower starts to fall off after repeated launches.
-Needs a place to wrap cords on the launcher for storage.
September 20, 2020