Federal Premium BallistiClean Frangible Buckshot 12 Gauge Shotshells

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Federal Premium BallistiClean Frangible Buckshot 12 Gauge Shotshells


Ballisticlean Frangible 12 Gauge from Federal is a 2 ¾" Frangible Rifled Slug round. This shotgun ammo features toxic-metal free primer a non-toxic projectile that eliminates hazardous airborne lead and barrel fouling. This Ballisticlean round uses only the cleanest powders and allows for a reliable and clean shot. BallistiClean Reduced Hazard Training round includes a frangible RHT projectile that breaks-up instantaneously on contact with metal targets, pointedly minimizing ricochet and backsplash hazards. BallistiClean loads consist of a copper-plated primer and an "NT" (non-toxic) head stamp to clearly classify, making it an ideal choice for indoor range use. Ballisticlean ammo is a great choice for shooting in any area where lead and barrel fouling is a concern, or when a lead free round is preferred.

Clean and consistent
100 percent lead-free Catalyst primer
Provides ballistic performance and feel almost identical to duty loads
Lead-free frangible slugs and buckshot reduce the amount of splash-back on steel targets
Primer compound is non-hygroscopic, has no shelf life limitations and easily ignites a large variety of shotshell powders

Quantity: 25 Rounds
Shot Type: Frangible, Copper/Tin
Usage: Training/Duty
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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