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Fiskas Wolfram Hand Painted Tungsten Jig

Item No. 837821-HP38
$2.79 - $4.49

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Product Description

Fiskas Wolfram Jigs are made from Tungsten. Fish heavy with smaller lures! These jigs are designed at a 45 degree angle for great action and Sticky Sharp Hooks: for the best hook set! You need to reduce jig size when ice fishing and Tungsten Fiskas Wolfram Jigs will get back down to the fish once you find the school. Choose from 3 finishes (Handpainted, Epoxy and Metallic) with each color model available in several body sizes.

All Handpainted Fiskas Jigs are available in sizes ranging from 2.5MM to as large as 7MM. General sizing for Fiskas Wolfram Jigs are as follows: Bluegills: 3MM & 4MM Crappies/Perch: 4MM & 5MM Deep water targets 6MM For those gin clear lakes (WI, MN, ND) downsize to 2.5MM can make the difference between a touch bite and a good day on the ice. For the Northeastern deep water perch and crappie lakes and where Lead-Free is required, try our jumbo 7MM & 9MM Wolfram Jigs!
  • 3mm is 1/58 oz with #16 hook
  • 4mm is 1/28 oz with #14 hook
  • 5mm is 1/16 oz with #12 hook
  • 6mm is 3/32 oz with #10 hook
  • 7mm is 1/6 oz with #8 hook
  • 9mm is 2/5 oz with #6 hook