FlasKap Madic 6 Liquor Kap

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FlasKap Madic 6 Liquor Kap


The MADIC™ 6 is a reserve tank designed to store and dispense up to 6 shots of your favorite liquor. Made to take the place of your tumbler's lid, it securely fits nearly all 20oz stainless steel tumblers on the market. Untwist the button to fill the reservoir. When you're ready for a drink, the fun button, and the MADIC™ 6 will dispense ½ shot at a time down into your tumbler. Engage the Shot-Lock Switch to create a leakproof seal between your stored liquor and the tumbler until you're ready to mix your next drink.


STORES 6 SHOTS: The Reserve Tank holds an additional 6 oz of your favorite liquor. That's enough for four additional standard mixed drinks (5 total if you start with one in your tumbler).

THE FUN BUTTON - Every press dispenses (½) shot of liquor into your tumbler for a perfectly mixed cocktail. That's right, we gave the world a button for alcohol.

FITS MOST 20 OZ STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLERS: The MADIC™6 is designed to securely press-fit on over 20 tumbler brands on the market.

LEAKPROOF + SPILL POOF: The SHOT LOCK switch creates a leakproof seal between your liquor and your tumbler, and the Sip Hole Closure helps prevent your mixed drink from spilling. ( We hate wasted drinks)

LANYARD ANCHOR - Having a cocktail later? No problem, attach the MADIC to your backpack or cooler while you're on the move.

MADE IN THE USA: In the great state of Montana. Quality parts and craftsmanship.

BPA FREE: The MADIC is BPA-free and built with the highest quality of food-grade components.

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