G. Loomis

G. Loomis GLX Flip/Punch Casting Rod

Item No. 22255-12548-01
$500.00 - $510.00

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G. Loomis GLX Flip/Punch Casting Rod


Flip-Punch is an oxymoron of sorts. Both require plenty of power to effective, but both are a type of ”finesse” fishing. The finesse part comes in the presentation. When flipping, you ”swing” the bait with an underhand motion, holding the line with your off-hand to control the lure's entry into the water, allowing it (jig, worm, creature or tube) to enter the water very quietly. You want it to fall straight down to get into the sweet spot. When you're punching baits, you use an oversize worm-weight or jig to ”punch” through dense brush or vegetation. You need heavy line so you can horse the fish out of the cover, quickly and with authority. GLX allows us to create a stronger, more sensitive stick that is noticeably lighter. Less weight not only makes for a more pleasant day, but it helps improve balance and increase tip speed during the hookset - providing more positive line and lure control. These rods are so powerful it's difficult to imagine they can be so light and so sensitive. There's only one word to describe them' ASTONISHING!
Number Model Length Handle Lure Weight Pcs. Line Weight Action Power
12548-01 GLX 894C FPR 7'5'' A 1/4-1 1 17-25 lb Fast Heavy
12549-01 GLX 895C FPR 7'5'' A 3/8-1 1/4 1 20-25 lb Fast Ex-Heavy
12550-01 GLX 954C FPR 7'11'' B 1/4-1 1 17-25 lb Fast Heavy

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