GoFit Contour Kettlebell

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GoFit’s Patented Contour Kettlebells provide a unique, contoured shape that is ergonomically designed to wrap around the wrist and forearm, providing a much more comfortable and effective Kettlebell experience. The handle is sanded and smooth-painted for a comfortable grip.

GoFit Weight Recommendations:

Typically the following weight recommendations suit most people for beginning their kettlebell training: 10-20 pounds for women, and 15-30 pounds for men. The lighter end of that range is recommended for those who weight train erratically, and the higher end of that range is for those who are seasoned in strength and power training. If you intend on doing cardio kettlebell workouts, exercises comprised of continuous movement for >20 minutes, you may want to select a kettlebell slightly lighter than the recommendation above. One of the great things about kettlebell training is that you can customize it to more of a strength sport by performing short bursts of movement with a challenging sized kettlebell, followed by a break period before repeating, or you can customize it to more of a cardio sport by performing continuous, non-stop movement with a lighter kettlebell over an extended period of time. To get the most results from kettlebell training, which program design should you follow? BOTH! Mix it up to shock your body; select some days for short bursts with breaks, and other days for continuous cardio kettlebell. 

In order to train both ways, one kettlebell will not suffice. You need a heavier bell for strength-focused workouts, and a lighter bell for cardio-focused workouts.

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