GoFit Roll-On Massager

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The GoFit Roll-On Massager will provide relief for deep muscle pain by rolling out sore trigger points. This ultra-portable massage ball roller is perfect for reaching tight spots and soothing the pain from tired, aching muscles. The durable rubber construction of this massage ball is easy to grip while the solid plastic sphere is virtually indestructible. Manage your pain for a more active, enjoyable life with this massage ball roller. 

  • Smooth-grip TPR rubber surface
  • Lightweight, portable size with an ergonomic shape
  • Smooth, rolling action for a targeted trigger point release
  • Includes: Roll-On Massager and Online Therapy Poster PDF
  • Height: 2.75in.
  • Diameter: 3.25in.
  • Surface: TPR rubber
  • Ball material: Solid plastic

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