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Googan Squad Happy Trailer

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Googan Squad Happy Trailer


The all new Googan Baits Happy Trailer delivers a cutting-edge design to provide an unmatched level of versatility on the water. The streamline diamond-shaped profile mirrors baitfish allowing the Happy Trailer to move through heavy cover seamlessly. The deep ribs on the first half of the body generate immense water displacement allowing fish to key in on the bait. The mid-section of the body has a unique accordion-style design allowing for 360 degrees of movement and omnidirectional action. Additionally, the Double-cut tail allows for more weight to be utilized in order to create an erratic & hard-hitting swimming action. The Tail Fin features a distinct indented and undercut slit that allows the tail to deflect water and imitate a natural swimming action.
  • Cutting-edge design for maximum rigging options
  • Natural forage profile & action
  • Streamline diamond profile mirror to navigate cover
  • Accordion-style design moves in any direction effortlessly
  • Double-cut mid-section creates strong & erratic swimming action
  • Tapered tail fin with undercut to displace water, vibrate & mimic forage
  • Casts & skips without coming unpegged
  • Sold 6 per package
  • Length: 4 inch

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