GU Lemon Sublime Energy Gel

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GU Lemon Sublime Energy Gel


GU provides athletes with a shot of 100 calories in the form of a patented carbohydrate blend (70%-80% maltodextrin and 30-20% fructose) to deliver high-quality easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels. GU also includes electrolytes to ensure proper hydration an antioxidant blend to stave off muscle tissue damage and an amino acid blend to delay muscle fatigue.

Everything inside each packet of GU is engineered to do one simple thing: provide your body with the essential requirements it needs to keep going for miles and miles and hours and hours. It goes down easy and it goes to work fast so you don't have to slow down.

GU is simple. Simple is fast. Simple to take simple to digest GU Energy Gel provides just what you need for premium exercise fuel and none of the extras that slow you down. GU takes you where you want to go fast.

Launched in 1991 the world's first energy gel is still the most efficient sports fuel available today. GU's carbohydrate blend delivers high-quality easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels.

We limited GU to 100 calories because in general the body can digest roughly 350 calories per hour during exercise. If you tried to eat more the body would divert blood from your muscles- say "buh-bye" to a personal record-to handle the excess food. If your metabolism is slow then one GU every 45 minutes works fine. If you have an athlete's metabolism try ingesting one GU every 30 minutes and see if it agrees with you. Rip open the top and squeeze the entire packet into your mouth-don't save half of it for later. GU's recipe of carbohydrates and amino acids was created to be taken in one shot to provide you with maximum benefits.

While GU was designed for endurance sports it can be used anytime you need energy to fuel a workout. It can also serve as a 100-calorie pick-me-up if you're dragging or simply need a snack to carry you through until your next meal.

  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acid Blend.
  • Electrolytes
  • Caffeine
Ingredients:Maltodextrin (Glucose Polymers) Filtered Water Fructose GU Amino Blend (Leucine Valine Histidine Isoleucine) GU Antioxidant Blend (Natural Vitamin E And Vitamin C) Sodium and Potassium Citrate Calcium Carbonate Fumaric Acid Sea Salt Contains preservatives [Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate] Citric Acid natural lemon lime flavor GU Herbal Blend [Chamomile Ginger] Pectin. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. No Caffeine

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