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Hamskea Epsilon Mathews Arrow Rest

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Hamskea Epsilon Mathews Arrow Rest


The Epsilon™ Arrow Rest was designed to change the core of archery by making a center shot optimized rest and mounting system available to all. The rest can be mounted in-line with the riser for a super low-profile fit. This smaller, lighter rest makes for a tighter fit relative to quiver clearance and centering mass. The Epsilon™ has new detent micro-click windage and elevation adjustments (.003” per click) providing ultimate precision in adjusting your rest. The over-molded containment bracket is a new two-piece system allowing for easy arrow loading. The over-molded steel core launcher has a new curved design for the ultimate fit and function. The Rebound Dampener System comes standard on the Epsilon™, helping to mitigate the shock that is transferred from the limb to the rest during the shot and prevents the wear that could eventually lead to failure. The Epsilon™ Arrow Rest will come with the Mathews Approved C.O.R. Mount Bracket, creating the perfect mounting solution for the new Mathews bows. In addition, there is a target conversion kit available to take your rest from hunting afield to the tournament trail.

  • Cord Clamp Tensioner
  • Noise eliminating elastomeric Rebound Dampener (Patent Pending)
  • Three stainless steel ball bearings for maximum platform stability
  • Eliminates lateral shaft movement with Zero Tolerance Technology (ZTT)
  • Configurable for top limb, bottom limb or cable driven activation
  • Uber secure & precise picatinny clamping system
  • Detent micro-tune for additional windage and vertical adjustments
  • The rest is in-line behind the riser eliminating quiver interference
  • One of Hamskea’s most compact platforms to date
  • C.O.R.™ Mount Technology that positions the arrow at center shot by design
  • Launcher torsion spring and launcher angle adjustment
  • Delta V Arrow Guide and Riser Mounted Arrow Guide included
  • Customized engraving available
  • Specifically Designed for Mathews Bows (2020 or Newer)

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