Higdon Standard Honker Goose Shell Decoys 6-Pack

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The Higdon Standard Honker Goose Shell Decoys are designed for unmatched realism and portability. These Higdon goose decoys feature lifelike feather details designed by an award-winning wildlife carver with black flocked heads, providing an incredibly realistic spread. For versatile and varied displays, this goose decoy pack includes six heads in four different positions: one Rester, one TruSentry, two MidSentry, and two TruWalker. The field shells included with these goose decoys are field-tested for unmatched durability and easy portability. Improve your spread and attract more geese with the incredible realism of the Higdon Standard Honker Goose Shell Decoys.


  • Field-tested
  • Black flocked heads
  • Durable, portable field shells
  • 21 in. breast to tail, 11 in. wide
  • Feather detail by award-winning, professional wildlife carver
  • Includes six heads in four positions: 1 Rester, 1 TruSentry, 2 MidSentry, 2 TruWalker



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