Hutch's Painted Jigs

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Product Description

Hutch’s painted jigs are top-of-the-line and best sellers. A super-sharp hook, great paint jobs, and a wire worm keeper are included. You just can’t go wrong with these jigs. All jigs come with a wire keeper, which comes out of the actual jig head. The wire is kept straight until the color of the day is found. Then, using needle-nose pliers or hemostats, the end is bent in a small "U" shape. Plastic is threaded around the hook and wire to firmly keep your plastic in place. The plastic can easily be removed and re-used again and again without ruining the worm, as a normal round jig with barbs often does.
Weight Hook Size Per Pack
3/16oz #1/0 5
1/4oz #2/0 5
3/8oz #2/0 5
1/2oz #2/0 5
3/4oz #3/0 4


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