iFish Pro 2.0 Tip-Up

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How to use an iFish Pro 2.0
Learn how to rig up an iFish Pro 2.0 for your next outing.

iFish Pro 2.0 Tip-Up


The iFish Pro Tip-Up allows you to use your favorite rod and reel combo, so you don't have to mess with pulling frozen line by hand or re-spooling. The iFish Pro Tip-Up fits over ice holes up to 10 inches as well as over catch covers, making this tip-up ultra-versatile. Plus, you can adjust the trigger release on this tip-up to light, medium, or heavy setting to avoid dealing with false flags and resets in the icy temps. With the multi-setting capability and the easy-to-switch-out rod holder, this ice fishing tip-up is perfect for targeting any size species. With seven Slip-Stops, you can even reset depths and jig without having to move the tip-up. The iFish Pro Tip-Up accommodates rods up to 42 inches and easily folds up and locks in place for easy storage and transport. Add the iFish Pro Tip-Up to your ice fishing tip-up collection today.
  • Matte black base absorbs heat from sunlight
  • Foam-insulated base to slow refreeze
  • Flat design to eliminate false triggers
  • Fits over ice holes and catch covers
  • Uses your own rod and reel combo
  • Two triggers and seven slip-stops
  • Good for targeting all species
  • Wind deflector
  • Foldable rod holder becomes compact for storage
  • Dimensions: 13 in. x 13 in. x 6 in.
  • Accommodates rods up to 42 in.
  • Cover up to 10 in. hole

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