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Illusion Systems Prime Time Food Plot System

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Illusion Systems Prime Time Food Plot System


The Prime Time food plot system is an ALL-IN-ONE (Seed + Fertilizer) annual system designed to help maximize the volume and attraction of your food plot. This cold tolerant fall/winter performance blend of six choice brassicas is built to attract and sustain a healthy deer herd from the first weeks of the season into the cold months of winter. During the peak hunting season when food becomes limited, our brassicas reach maturity and provide key nutrients and carbohydrates to deer when they need it most. These select plant varieties will bring deer back again and again, making it an ideal resource for patterning deer during the prime time of the hunting season.


  • Fall & Winter Performance
  • Custom Annual Seed Blend: 6 Brassica Varieties
  • Included: (Soil Starter, Prime Time Seed Blend, Root Booster, Foliage Fuel+)
  • Pre-measured, ¼ Acre Coverage Applications
  • Engineered to Maximize Tonnage & Attraction
  • All-In-One Seed & Fertilizer System
  • Easy Application (Designed for Common Spreaders & Sprayers)
  • Directly Feed Plants w/ Liquid Foliar Fertilizers
  • 25% More Seed Per Acre (Calculated at Broadcast Rate, Not Drill Rate)


  • NORTH: Late-July to Early-September
  • Planting Dates:
  • Planting Depth: ⅛" to ¼" max
  • Establishment: 8-10 weeks to maturity
  • Germination: 7-21 days
  • SOUTH: August to Early-October
  • Soil Type: Light Loam to Clay
  • CENTRAL: Late-July to September
  • Life Cycle: Annual

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