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Product Description

The KickerBall by Swerve Ball is not your average soccer ball/football. Inspired by the world's greatest athletes, our special patent-pending product design combines unique paneling and aerodynamic materials that together channel air differently than your standard soccer ball. Our ball gives you the ability to SWERVE, BEND, and CURVE with ease! Created for kids, adults, or ANYONE who wants to learn cool tricks; the KickerBall will be your next favorite toy.

Function & Design
To achieve the extreme curves with the KickerBall we have reduced the weight & material compounds along with a few other secrets derived from our Patent -Pending Design. This reduction and material profile makes our ball easier to kick than your typical soccer ball/football - we've even heard from customers that our ball is GREAT for goalkeeper practice since it is EASY to stop due to its weight but HARD to catch due to the unpredictable curves you can send at the goal. You will be surprised with the amount of ball control and air-time you'll get from the KickerBall.

Recommended Use
The KickerBall is NOT a Soccer Ball/Football - it is backyard game changer. The design of our ball has been tested & reported to curve and swerve more than your average ball. Since our design is much different than other soccer balls/footballs, we do recommend that you wear indoor soccer cleats/boots or sneakers when using the KickerBall - if you want it to last for years to come. Cleats can be used with our ball if you want take it to the field; but be aware that the wear and tear on our ball is different from a soccer ball/football. (Playing with cleats/boots won't necessarily pop, rip, or deflate your KickerBall. Our ball is made DIFFERENTLY so it can easily be curved, so please be aware that the ball could be compromised if you repeatedly stomp on it with sharp cleats/boots. We can't promise a long-life for your KickerBall if sharp studs on your cleats/boots are used regularly with your KickerBall as they could puncture through the balls aerodynamic shell. It is best to follow our recommendation and use joggers/sneakers or indoor-soccer footwear.)

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Purchased this from Scheels and my KIDS love's really bending and swerving like on TV!
July 19, 2018