LubriMatic 80w/90 High Viscosity Lower Unit Gear Lube

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LubriMatic High Viscosity Lower Unit gear lubricants are blended with high quality bright stocks, other base oils, and additives to provide protection under very severe service. A high level of sulfur phosphorus antiwear additive is utilized to provide the needed extreme pressure, shock load resistance, channel resistance and scuff resistance characteristics required.

1 Quart for modern outboard and stern drive lower units. Developed specifically for high horsepower motors and others subject to heavy usage Tube. Additional Info: Other additives, in combination with the superior base oil, yield a product that is extremely resistant to oxidation and high temperature degradation. This product guards against rust and corrosion, resists foaming, and is compatible with seals and gaskets used in transmissions, axle housings, and other industrial gear units. This product meets or exceeds API GL-5 and MT-1 service classifications.