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Lucky Jerky Original Seasoning Kit

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Product Description

Ever since Lucky Jerky started making beef jerky commercially, folks have been asking them for a "DIY jerky making kit." Lucky Jerky was listening. The other thing that Lucky Jerky also heard from nearly everyone they talked with about jerky kits was that they were too complicated and there was too much to measure out. Lucky Jerky worked with the folks who create their commercial seasoning blends and worked out a very simple, very effective method for making jerky.

Simply dissolve 1 cure packet and 1 seasoning packet in 1 cup of cold water. This will create a marinade. If you're making traditional "slab jerky" allow the meat to marinate for 24 to 36 hours. If you're making ground and formed, simply mix the marinade with ground, lean meat and extrude onto drying racks and cook per the instructions included in the kit.

Original flavor is a variation of Lucky Jerky's "Signature Steak Seasoning" that has been reformulated for jerky. It’s a bright, crisp flavor that will wake up your palate without lighting a fire. It's safe for women, children, and sensitive folks.

  • 12 oz. Box