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This is our "HOT" jerky flavor, as the name implies. We blended Habanero & Ghost peppers, a little garlic & onion, and just a touch of smoke flavor, to deliver a truly spicy jerky that's both spicy AND great tasting. If you like HOT jerky, "The HEAT" is for you.

Making a really good "Spicy" jerky seasoning is something that has been on our "to do" list for a long time. Designed from the ground up as a jerky and beef stick seasoning, "The HEAT" does not inhibit protein extraction, as some spicy flavors are prone to doing. "The HEAT" will allow you to create seriously spicy jerky that you just can't put down. A blend of Habanero and Ghost pepper, with a few of our own twists and turns (onion, garlic, and hickory smoke) to keep things interesting for the palate. Our recommended blend ratio of 2oz seasoning per 5lbs meat is a fantastic balance of heat and flavor. If you just gotta have more HEAT, check out our 24oz bulk bottle which will allow you to crank the heat dial to 11.