Men's Korkers Terror Ridge Wader Boots

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The Korkers Terror Ridge Men's Wading Boots offer high performance and comfort for any challenging terrain that you encounter while fly fishing. The upper on these Korkers wading boots is constructed from durable, abrasion-resistant synthetic materials with protective PU cast quarter panels for added durability. The heel-lock closure provides a stable platform and hiking-like fit for a great feel on varying terrain and river bottoms. To reduce weight, these Korkers wading boots feature internal channels that connect to the midsole in order to drain water. Keep your feet comfortable while fly fishing with the Korkers Terror Ridge Men's Wading Boots.

  • Quick drying materials
  • Internal channels connect to midsole ports to remove water
  • Protective PU cast quarter panels and molded TPU toe cap on upper
  • Heel-lock closure for a stable platform and hiking-like performance on varying terrain and river bottoms
  • Height: 9 in.
  • Upper: Abrasion-resistant synthetic
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 2 oz. (per pair w/ felt soles)
  • Outsole: OmniTrax® interchangeable sole system

Customer Reviews

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Rated 4 out of 5
Pros and cons of a good boot:
Purchased late summer 2020 and have about 45 days of fishing on them, including some hike-ins of 5-6 miles round trip.
On the second wearing, a lace grommet popped out.
The included Kling-on rubber sole is useless for wading except in sandy/pebble stream bottoms and okay for walking in. The Idrogrip appears to be a better sole for any purpose but I wouldn't plan to wade rocky streams with either.
The included felt sole is...sufficient. It is, however, somewhat thin and at the margins will not provide as secure a grip as a dedicated - thicker - felt boot. It is an acceptable compromise but I'd like to see a thicker layer of felt to close that performance gap.

Good stuff:
Pretty comfortable out of the box and easy to dial in the fit after a few wearings.
Very good support and protection, good enough (I'd venture) for short mileage treks to backcountry fishing holes with a backpack, rather than having to tote them while wearing dedicated trail boots.
I wear a size 11 for wet-wading (with neoprene socks) and 12 for bootfoot Simms waders. With a size 11 Terror Ridge, I'm able to adjust fit sufficiently to do both.
Considerably lighter than a pair of Simms G3 boots. I think the Simms are slightly better constructed but will know for sure in a couple more seasons. I find the Korkers a bit more comfortable and less stiff, but not less protective.
I've only have a sole come loose at one of the eight anchoring points on two occasions. After paying a bit more attention to seating them firmly, I haven't had another issue but check and reseat them now and then.
Given the pros vs cons, I consider these boots very competitively priced. If they hold up a couple more seasons, they're a solid value and I'll be buying more Korkers.
February 16, 2021
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Rated 5 out of 5
Awesome wading boots at a great price
Got a chance to take these out for the first time today and my first impression is that they are fantastic. I needed new boots and saw them at $29 less than retail so I had to jump on them.
At that price, these are a superb value. Comfortable, light weight, stable. The heel lock is as advertised and keeps your foot secure. They look like they will be very durable, but too early to say for sure. Rubber Klingon soles worked fine, but I'm waiting for studded Vibram Idrogrip soles that I have on order and expect them to be a major upgrade in grip performance. I am very glad I got these and expect to use them for years to come.
December 29, 2020
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Rated 3 out of 5
Love these boots, but.....
First of all these boots have amazing support and are very comfortable all day long! I really have nothing bad to say about them EXCEPT.... My first pair broke 2 of the plastic lace eyelets the very first time I put them on! Knowing the Korkers warranty I wasn't overly concerned. This is something I am more than capable of fixing, and upgrading, myself. No problems with the warranty except that Korkers was out of stock so I went with the option to send them back to the retailer.
On to the replacement pair. Same thing happened except this time on the second time I used them!! Well instead of jacking with another warranty trouble I decided to just fix the problem myself. I have now replaced ALL of the eyelets with stainless steel, and NOT plastic. I will inform Lorkers again through a warranty claim but will keep my pair with GOOD eyelets.
Other than the plastic eyelets, I do love these boots! Therefore only 3 stars due to this issue and I'm sure I will receive nothing for my IMPROVEMENTS to this boot and the cost, both time and monetarily, for improving the flawed portion of the boot. Definitely worth getting though especially if you have the ability to change the eyelets yourself. And even if not, Korkers will stand behind them for you. Just hassle to send back every time. Will work on uploading upgraded photos with the stainless eyelets but can only add 1 photo right now.
October 11, 2020
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Rated 5 out of 5
love the shoes
Best boots I've had for a long time hiley recommend these.
October 6, 2020
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Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect Fit
Great support and overall fit. These are probably as comfortable as it gets and I can't really overstate that. No exposed vulnerabilities either (stitching etc) so seem like they'll hold up well over time. Cool design too.
August 5, 2020
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Rated 5 out of 5
Game Changer
Thought I had a pretty good program with several pairs of Simms boots until I tried these Terror Ridges with studded soles.... a game changer. Boots have great support, good quality construction, and stay planted in swift water with their studded soles. Flexibility of the different soles make these highly adaptable to any situation. And, customer services is outstanding. Had a minor issue and was handled swiftly, with no fuss, and great expertise. Thanks to Nick for the first class support!
July 31, 2020
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Rated 5 out of 5
Love these boots. Easy to get on and off. Much lighter then my previous pair of boots. Very comfortable to wear. Easy price for what you get. Nothing negative to say about them.
June 14, 2020
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Rated 4 out of 5
Terror Ridge
The Terror Ridge boots (TRs) are my 4th pair of Korkers in 10 years. After 5 years of use I had switched from the Devil's Canyon with Boa laces to high-end lace up Wraptr boots so that I could tweak the fit like I can do with hiking boots during long hike-in/wade/hike-out trips. The Wraptr boots had a problem and had been discontinued so were replaced under warranty with the TRs. After 5 trips I can say I like the TRs. But in all honesty I have to say that a double overhand knot tied above the Wraptr's jam cleat hooks at the top of the instep that stayed tight all day to securely lock the foot into the boot's heel cup worked much better than tying a double knot above the TRs "Heel Lock" strap. I have to retighten the TRs laces throughout the day to prevent jamming toes into the front of the boot. Perhaps my size 11 to 11 1/2 street shoe size feet have gotten longer but the size 12 TRs feel shorter than the size 12 Wraptrs. Perhaps that will change after (if) the TRs break in-conform to my feet.
June 8, 2020
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Rated 4 out of 5
Terror Ridge Boots
I've owned 4 pairs of Korkers boots; 3 lace-up and 1 Boa. I really like Korkers boots' foot-ankle support and the versatility of the interchangeable soles. I found the Boa lacing could not "tweak" the fit I need for the terrain like I can with lace-up (hiking) boots for my frequent remote 5 to 7 mile hike-in/out+wade trips and went back to a high-end lace up boot. Korkers CS replaced my lace-up (discontinued) Wraptr boots that had defective uppers with the Terror Ridge (TS) in January and I've been able to use them 4 times including one 4 mile trip so far. I like the TR boots but in all honesty, the Wraptr's jam cleat hook with a double-overhand knot at the top of the instep was more effective as a heel-lock than the TR strap because it tended to stay tight throughout a long day whereas the TR laces will loosen with a double overhand knot at the heel lock strap. Also the Wraptr was right at the edge of needing to go to a size 13 for my size 11 (or 11.5) street shoe feet and I think that the TR boots' lengths feel a bit smaller than the Wraptr and Devils Canyon boots prior to that. I can only hope that the TRs fit will feel better after (if) they "break-in".
June 3, 2020
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great Support!
These are really great boots! I have fished about 14 times in them now since purchasing them from my local shop in January. They guys in the store had nothing but good things to say about Kokers, although the Terror Ridge is a new from Korkers. I love the interchangeable soles because I use an inflatable raft at times so it is nice to go to felt (no studs) or bars. I also like the Heel Lock adjustable strap that connects to the laces, it lets you really get a good fit. Most of all, the boots are the MOST COMFORTABLE EVER!
May 5, 2020
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