Men's Kuhl Above The Law Pants

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Step outside the lines in the Above The Law Pant. Reinforced with waxed overlays, we went above the law to increase durability in critical high abrasion zones.

Fabric: KNOCKABOUT KLOTH 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex | 350 GSM
Reinforced wax fabric below wearer's right front hand pocket and below stealth cell phone pocket
Front and back hand pockets reinforced with wax fabric
Reinforced thigh and knee with second layer of fabric is waxed for more durability
Inside seam wraps around to back to reduce abrasion
Bottom hem with snap system for tighter closure
Full fit
Zippered outer thigh vents
Articulated knees
Bar button at waistband for closure
Double belt loop at back waistband
Free Ryde waistband lined with ultra suede-lined for unmatched comfort
9 pockets: 2 front hand, 1 coin, 2 stealth cargo, 2 back, 1 stealth cell phone and 1 3D gussetted pocket with zipper
Bottom leg opening: 17"

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I bought these to ride enduro sport and they work great ! love them !!
November 17, 2020
Originally posted at
Great pants
Great pants
November 15, 2020
Originally posted at
Pants are ok. Gimmicky.
Fits ok. Thicker than other double knee pants, not in a good way. All the extra zips and pockets were poorly executed and added lots of bulk. Pants are very stiff. Fly falls down all the time.
November 14, 2020
Originally posted at
Very comfortable pants that are consistent with normal sizing. Pants seem very durable against brush but barbed wire will cut the fabric. Have worn these on warm 70 plus degree days and the leg vents work well to keep you cooler. . Have worn them on cooler days in the 30s and 40s and they kept me warm. Not as tough as Carhartt double front canvas pants but also more flexible and lightweighr while remaining durable.
November 13, 2020
1 month ago
Such a good product
Such a good product
November 11, 2020
Originally posted at
Above the Law
Incredible pants, very comfortable and very durable, couldn’t ask for more!
November 9, 2020
Originally posted at
Hunting pant
Great for Pheasant hunting. Sturdy
November 8, 2020
Originally posted at
OK i'll try to balance pros and cons
these are my opinions
I think these are realy nice stylish and expensive work pants.. Love the waxed canvas, would like to see more used on other products. feeling good about the construction, except the made in china part :).
the stealth pockets are innovative, but not sure why needed - for huge but flat things.... for money or paper? secret agent plans? .. maybe for traveling, but these pants are more heavy than i'd bring along traveling. if you put anything as heavy as a cell phone the stealth pockets your going to whack you knee with same as you walk.
make them knee pad pockets and provide a couple pieces of eva foam that fit perfectly in the pockets. then put the stealth pocket above the knee.
not sure about stretch fabric durability nor necessity. feels like my tough ass pants are cross dressing wearing nylons when i put my hands in the pockets.
the vents are nice, definitely needed.
the cell phone pocket is slightly too small to fit iphone max size and the zipper is annoying just in the way and uncomfortable
i'm not sure where to put my pen / mech pencil. don't want to scratch my glasses or cell phone humm back pocket I guess.
the change pocket is too deep for my index finger. lost pennies and dimes

the belt line is about an inch higher than the same size pants other kuhl models. even with a belt, between the stretch & the high waistline they do not stay on my hips like other kuhls.
if I were to have fit them first i bet i'd get a size shorter in the leg and waist.
i will make them work, but they run big and long.
maybe the pants should actually follow some fit laws, or get a fit violation ticket ! haw haw.

I have good luck with suspenders however.
so I was thinking you all should make suspenders with a kuhl proprietary accoutrements and put some waxed canvas over the suspender attachment locations. use the wax canvas on the exterior of the suspenders and flannel blend on the inside. kuhl buttons on suspenders and button holes on pants ? just a thought.
Speaking of which - I like the large main button too, but I really prefer the kuhl low profile snap.
the button hole threads area already starting to fray.
last on the leg cuffs. not sure why i need an elastic belt and snaps around the ankle. add weight, bangs around in the wash & it needs to be ironed
otherwise comes out all bunched up wrinkly and short. kind of a fashion faux paw. haw haw. sorry . you asked for it.
November 4, 2020
Originally posted at
Waxed canvas let’s water in
Mild rain got me soaked on the first and second use of these pants. The pants leak for two reasons: 1. The impregnated canvas front panels leak. 2. Water also goes through the non-impregnated bits above the panel. Even if you wear a long jacket and prevent water from leaking above the waxed panels, you still get wet through the waxed canvas. Very surprising. Would not have bought had I k own that the waxed panel leaks.
November 2, 2020
Originally posted at
They fit a little tighter
They fit a little tighter than similarly sized pants, but worked well for brush hunting.
October 28, 2020
Originally posted at