Men's Under Armour Curry 6 Basketball Shoes

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Be a Part of Changing the Game
Dominate the court, change the game — Under Armour Curry 6 Basketball Shoes help you achieve just that. Press play to witness these unbelievably groundbreaking shoes, to ruin the game on the court with a fresh approach.
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Product Description

Dominate the court, change the game with the Men's Under Armour Curry 6 Basketball Shoes. These shoes are designed to ruin the game to keep the competition guessing your every move. The fully knit upper offers a breathable, compression-like fit for the multi-directional strength you need in every step on the court. With a full-length UA HOVR™ cushion, you'll experience a zero gravity feel while the external heel counter provides the support and stability you need. Better yet, the unique outsole pattern provides flexibility in the toe box while the split outside design increases court contract for superior traction. Change the way you play the game with unbelievably fresh, innovative and groundbreaking Under Armour Curry 6 Basketball Shoes. 

  • Multi-directional strength 
  • Split outsole design increases court traction 
  • Full-length speed plate to speed past defenders 
  • Full-length HOVR™ cushion for a zero gravity feel 
  • External heel counter for superior support and stability 
  • Fully knit upper for ultimate breathability and a compression-like fit
  • Unique outsole pattern provides traction and flexibility in the two box 
  • Weight: 12 oz. 

Customer Reviews

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Fits a little to big. After the third use the outsole came apart. Non durable what so ever
February 4, 2019
Originally posted at
Poor Quality!!!
When this shoe first came out I was excited to buy a pair. I bought the black color because of the style. Once the shoe arrived I wore it for a few days and then actually played a one on one Basketball Game. After just 10 minutes of playing the bottom of the shoe began to rip apart. I returned the shoe and was sent another pair only to have the same thing happen again on the same day I put them on. Sending this pair back and will wait to see what UA does!
February 3, 2019
Originally posted at
Traction’s rips off after 1 wear
The first time I use the shoe the traction peels off with only 1 hr of use on in indoor court, I was very disapointed because the shoe was a great preformer
February 2, 2019
Originally posted at
Good, but....
Been wearing this shoe now for several weeks on the racquetball court since they were first released. I've had several compliments on the look of the shoe which has been nice. How does it fit and perform you ask? It fits pretty darn good and conforms nicely to my feet but...I need to re-tie the shoes several times each game to keep it snug enough so my feet don't feel like there is slippage inside the shoe. The laces are not that great. The grip and traction of these shoes on the court is AWESOME! Great for side to side and front to back movements during the game. It really helps with quick cuts and getting to the ball. But, unfortunately, my biggest complaint is that my feet ache and hurt after I have been wearing them for a while and when I take the shoes off the bottoms of my feet feel like I've run a marathon barefoot on concrete. I thought this new HOVR technology was supposed to be all cushy and make my feet feel like they're cradled in clouds. Guess not. I'll give them a few more weeks but may have to make a change to something more comfortable soon.
February 1, 2019
Originally posted at
Almost perfect
This shoe could have been great. I love the traction, love the cushion, light weight, feels great on my feet. I was really enjoying these but then I noticed the toe box where the outsole is glued together. Only 10 games played max and it's starting to separate not only on my right but also left shoe. Wanted to buy more pairs but it's pointless if the shoe won't last over a months use. Very disappointed.
February 1, 2019
Originally posted at
Best UA Curry to date...still not perfect
I rated this 5/5, because they don’t give .5 options, but my real rating here is a 4.5/5. After seeing the Fox Theater photos, I was hooked, so I’ve purchased that colorwsy, the Christmas exclusive, and the all red ones as well. Looks-wise, these are my favorites, although certain color ways of the 5s and 4s are tough as well. Comfort and performance-wise, these have made rovements from the 5, although there’s one aspect that has worsened in my opinion. So I’ll start with the one aspect that I don’t love - the area of the shoe around the pinky toe. It’s not as stiff or strong as in the Curry 5, which worried me at first because as someone who plants and cuts a lot, I need a responsive shoe that allows me to plant and explode on a time, not that lets my foot push the side of the shoe before responding. While it’s not as good as in the 5, I will say that I have hardly noticed any issues when playing. Now, for the good stuff. The HOVR cushioning is definitely more comfortable than the 5 or 4...really feels great when landing, etc. the overall comfort of the shoe is great too. I love the sock style, which they started with the 4, and I love that the shoe is low-top. The freedom of movement is fantastic while always feeling supported. I noticed a few reviews that the sole has fallen apart quickly, and one of the high school players that I train has had that issue twice now with the Christmas exclusives - he’s not pleased by that at all. In my case, however, I’ve been playing a significant amount in them and have not experienced this issue. I wear a size 15, so I’m glad UA has allowed me to stock up on these, as I plan on hooping in them for a good long while. Overall, best Curry that UA has made, but it seems as always, there’s slight room for improvement. I will continue to be a loyal UA basketball customer.
January 29, 2019
Originally posted at
What happened?
Played in a game and man the shoes didn’t last more than a quarter. This is embarrassing!!!! This is your A+ brand athlete You gotta do better!!! Man so disappointed I really liked the comfort so folks if you planning to hoop in these be aware it’s a major flaw on the sole of the shoes
January 28, 2019
Originally posted at
Amazing shoe
Just a wonderful basketball shoe. Performance, looks, comfort, etc. Im giving it high marks in all categories. Personally, I miss and love those Curry high tops (1, 2, and 4's served me very well) but these Curry low tops are really growing on me. Im not even a guard but these shoes are serving me very well on the court; im playing fast and hard and this shoe can withstand all cuts and movement while Im playing. I love the all black heart of the Town shoes, a very unique colorway and I might have to cop these all red ones that im just seeing as well. Im not really understanding these other comments that are criticizing the shoes durability because ive already played with my shoes 10+ times for 2+ hours at a time and they have easily held up just fine; and i play hard too, not halfheartedly. Im still nostalgic about the Curry high tops that I used to ball with (and still do some times) but these low top Curry 5 and 6 have surprised me and Ive embraced them as my go to shoes when trying to get a run. Keep it up UA. There's always room for improvement but there are no glaring weaknesses and overall, Im giving the Curry 6 a 9/10 and Im usually a strict grader.
January 25, 2019
Originally posted at
January 25, 2019
Originally posted at
Not very reliable.
I got these shoes one week ago and played in them twice on a nice wood court. I've had them on about 1.5 hours total and the rubber on the bottom is totally peeling away and tearing off. I see one other reviewer said the same thing. I also thought it was very loose fitting and I couldn't get it tight enough. This is my first time getting a low top shoe instead of the high top style. I can say it feels good, but for sure there is less padding. So even though I play ball about 4 times a week, I got blisters from both times of wearing these. But shoes do take a little to break in, so I would guess it would get better.

Overall, they look nice, but for being the Steph Curry top of the line Under Armour shoes, I think the quality is a little low for falling apart so soon. I will admit, I'm a decent size guy at 6'1" and 190lbs with small feet (size 9). I cut hard and quickly so I am extremely hard on shoes. Good thing Under Armour is so good on returns. No questions asked.
January 22, 2019
Originally posted at