Mepps Dressed Aglia Treble Jig

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Product Description

Mepps dressed Aglia spinners are offered in sizes #0 through #5. These little trout and panfish lures are dressed with natural hackle. Larger dressed Aglias weigh up to 1/2 oz. (#5). The hooks on dressed Aglias in sizes #1-#5 are dressed with natural squirrel tail or bucktail.

Dressed Aglias #0 are perfect for panfish (bluegills or sunfish) and small stream trout. They are very light however and require a nimble rod equipped with a light action reel spooled with light line; nothing heavier than six-pound-test. Two-pound-test to four-pound-test is better. Dressed Aglias in size #1 and #2 are perfect for larger stream trout and large bluegills sunfish and crappies. Size #2 Aglias are also excellent for smallmouth bass and walleye.

Mepps Aglias in sizes #3 and #4 are preferred by largemouth bass fishermen. In fact the #3 dressed Mepps Aglia was rated the best all around lure for largemouth bass by the readers of Sports Afield magazine.

Size #4 and #5 Aglias are ideal for large rainbow trout and steelhead as well as coho (silver) and chinook (king) salmon. Northern pike and giant tackle busting musky will inhale a dressed #5 Mepps spinner.
Size Tackle Weight
#5 1/2 oz
#4 1/3 oz
#3 1/4 oz
#2 1/6 oz
#1 1/8 oz
#0 1/12 oz


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