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Mojo Menhaden Oil

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Bring more game fish in with the scent of a baitfish feast by using Mojo Menhaden Oil Fish Attractant from Aquatic Nutrition. Great for offshore and inshore species, this fish attractant has been used for decades to pull fish in and get them feeding. Whether dripped in the water, soaking your baits, coating your lures, or mixed with your favorite homemade chum, 100% pure Mojo Menhaden Oil uses the alluring scent of the popular bait fish to attract fish and trigger strikes. Great for Kingfish, Sailfish, Stripers, Shark, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and most other pelagics. Easy to use formula requires no refrigeration. Made in USA.
  • 100% pure Menhaden oil
  • Bring fish in and trigger more strikes
  • Adds the scent of a Menhaden fish feast to the water
  • Great for offshore and inshore species
  • Versatile attractant - works in a variety of ways
  • Creates an irresistible slick on the water
  • Requires no refrigeration

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