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Mueller Kinesiology I-Strip Tape Roll

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Mueller Kinesiology I-Strip Tape Roll


Designed to help increase the natural blood flow around your muscles Mueller Kinesiology Tape features a revolutionary wave-pattern adhesive that moves with your skin and muscles as you heal. Help maintain flexibility while improving the body's natural blood circulation to muscles and joints for increased healing. Apply it to the skin in patterns to mimic your muscles.

Mueller Kinesiology Tape features a revolutionary adhesive design that lifts the skin to help maintain flexibility improve circulation and relieve pain. Designed to aid in the treatment of ligament injuries muscle conditioning fascia repositioning and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Used by professional athletes and Olympians to help reduce muscle pain increase mobility and enhance recovery.

  • Durable and economical.
  • Water-resistant and wearable up to five days.
  • The 100% high-grade cotton tape is latex-free breathable elastic and maintains flexibility of human skin and muscles.
  • Wave-pattern adhesive lifts skin to help improve circulation.
  • Assists rehabilitation when using the kinesiology taping method.
  • Patterned adhesive is mild and hypoallergenic.
  • Versatile enough for 1 200 recognized applications.

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