Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Rifle Sling

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New Level of Functionality
With an integrated backpack attachment and a quick draw rifle sling, you'll be ready to head to the field with the Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Rifle Sling. Press play to learn more about the new level of functionality.

Product Description


Not all rifle slings are created equal. Our new QUICK DRAW RIFLE SLING draws on the best elements of standard slings and then takes it to a whole new level of functionality. With a rifle stock docking station that attaches to your pack's waist belt and a reliable magnetic sternum buckle you're poised for secure hands-free bushwhacking.


  • Fully padded standalone rifle sling
  • Converts into a secure backpack attachment system
  • 3-point attachment secures weapon frees up arms
  • Rifle stock docking station attaches to waist belt
  • Magnetic quick attach/detach sternum strap

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Love it!
Great design!
June 1, 2020
2 months ago
Just Doesnt Work
While the materials are top notch, and the fit and finish is excellent, this sling system just does not work. I spent allot of time on the phone with customer service trying to get the sling system to sit secure and hold onto my rifle in real hiking conditions, but it just wouldnt work. Even the customer service rep agreed that there were some challenges with getting the sling system to work for allot of customers.

In my view, something like this needs to work, out of the box. It should not take hours of trial and error getting the sling fit and ready for use. Sorry Mystery Ranch, I am huge fan of your products, but this one should be discontinued.
May 20, 2020
Originally posted at
Best sling around!
This has made hunting so much more enjoyable. I just got tired of holding up my sling the entire time I was out hunting and I like to put in miles during the day. It completely frees up my hands so that I can use trekking poles and my binoculars with ease. This IS the sling for you. My dad and brother bought different hands free slings and are switching to the Mystery Ranch Quick Draw, its the best!

On a side note, Mystery Ranch customer service is top notch. Anything I have had questions or concerns about has been addressed and taken care of immediately. What a great company.
May 13, 2020
Originally posted at
Love it!
While I can still make my rifle fall off my shoulder with this sling on, I find it stays quite secure. I used it elk hunting and antelope hunting last fall and was so thankful to have it. Climbing up and over deadfall and hills elk hunting would have been hellish without this sling. The release works great and is so easy and I got the rifle off fast to shoot my elk. It’s not perfect but I think if the rifle was more secure, the quick-draw part would be totally lost. Overall I highly recommend it!
April 11, 2020
Originally posted at
Was this tested before it went into production
Bought this going into last hunting season with high hopes of performance. Took me awhile to figure out how to switch the attachment so I come wear it on my preferred shoulder. A great idea with poor execution. Rifle falls off no matter how it is adjusted. Biggest reason I can see is the material used for the strap slips off. Mainly due to contacting the pack shoulder straps. Since it’s meant to be worn with the pack I’m trying to figure why this got past the design team. The only part of this entire system I use is the docking station. I use my rubberized rifle strap and the dock helps hold the rifle more secure. I then use my packs cheat clip at times to lock in things better. The sling just doesn’t do the job. You will damage your rifle if you continue to use. Sorry mystery ranch. Love your packs I own a marshal a pintler and a mule.
January 25, 2020
Originally posted at
Hands-on rather than hands-free :(
I have multiple MR packs, accessories, and am a big fan and recommend their products to all hunters. This has been my only disappointing purchase to-date.

While this is well constructed and durable like all MR products I've owned, I had hoped this would solve the age-old issue of a rifle sling slipping while wearing a full pack and having to readjust it regularly. Unfortunately it made matters worse for me. I wore it for rifle opener after testing it in my garage. I should've field tested it first...

When leaning forward to hike up a steep hill, the top of the rifle would swing right off my shoulder. After the 10th time, I ended up just holding my hand on the sling the entire 12mile day... frustrating considering the price-point on this vs. other hands-free sling alternatives on the market.
January 19, 2020
Originally posted at
Very cumbersome
Very turn the rifle rotates outward. The pack belt is tapered and the hook slides forward constantly
December 3, 2019
Originally posted at
Little tricky to hook up
Bought this right before my Colorado trip hoping it would be self explanatory on hooking up. Came with no instructions and didn’t didn’t have the string for releasing the magnetic chest strap. Watched serval YouTube videos on how to install. Each one was different from the other on where to place the butt stock holder on waist belt. After figuring it out by trail and error it worked out just fine. And instructions and string for chest strap and you’ve nailed it
November 15, 2019
Originally posted at
Worked Perfectly!
I just used this sling on my 3rd season rifle elk hunt in CO. We hiked in really nasty terrain, and I had no issues with adjustment or it falling off my shoulder. I purchased a Grimlock D-Ring to attach the sling to my Mystery Ranch Cabinet pack. I loved how my rifle was essentially locked to my side all day. This sling is so much better than the alternatives of just a sling. Excited to use it for our upcoming late season elk hunt and many elk hunts in future years!
November 10, 2019
Originally posted at
Well designed and effective
Bought the sling Between fall trips after suffering from my sling falling off of my shoulder
Mystery ranch system worked great! No problem staying on shoulder and easy access to rifle
November 6, 2019
Originally posted at