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Neater Pets Slow Feeder 6 Cup Large

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Neater Pets Slow Feeder 6 Cup Large


Easily slow down your dog's eating with this handy high-quality Slow-Feeder from Neater Pets! This feeder prevents your dog from wolfing down their food too fast. Great for promoting healthy digestion and combating obesity. The small grooves in the feeder groups food into small portions to slow down eating and prevent gulping. Perfect for extending mealtimes. Ideal for all breeds, including flat-faced dogs. Easy on your pet's gums and mouth. Features non-skid feet at the base to prevent movement. The base of the feeder also functions as a water bowl. Slow down your dog's scarfing with the Neater Pets Slow Feeder! Dishwasher-Safe. Made in USA

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