Nike Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoes

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Transform the way you play on the court with the Nike Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoes. These shoes are designed to help you improve your game with minimal distractions and reliable support and traction when you need it the most. The dynamic lacing system uses oversized laces that wrap all the way around the feet to secure a solid fit that adapts to a wide range of movement. In addition, these shoes are easy to slip-on when you need to get back on the court with the stretchable 3/4 bootie design. Better yet, the Zoom Air provides responsive cushioning and the Wavy traction pattern offers an excellent grip on the court. 

  • Zoom Air offers responsive cushioning
  • Easy to slip-on with stretchable 3/4- bootie
  • Lightweight and comfortable upper construction
  • Wavy traction pattern offers provides a reliable grip on the court 
  • Oversize laces wrap around feet for a secure fit that adapts to movement 

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Great shoe. Very comfortable n supportive
March 27, 2019
4 months ago
I love the Hyperdunk sole for my 41-year-old feet. I wish I would have ordered a half-size smaller. Usually a 10.5 in NIKE, but better with a 10 for this particular shoe.
March 25, 2019
5 months ago
Hyperdunk X Review
Where did I buy the Hyperdunk X?
I bought the Hyperdunk X in the Gangnam Nike store located in Seoul, South Korea. The shop was really big and the basketball section is located in the basement. Also, there is a basketball hoop and court where you can test the basketball shoe traction, cushioning, lockdown and other features of the shoe.

What is the Hyperdunk X?
The Hyperdunk X is the tenth and last shoe of the Hyperdunk line. The Hyperdunk line is not a signature shoe of an NBA basketball player. It is Nike’s premium basketball shoe line. Every year a new Hyperdunk is made. When a new Hyperdunk shoe comes out it usually has new technology added to it. For example, the Hyperdunk 9 was equipped with Nike React cushioning and the Hyperdunk X is equipped with Nike Zoom cushioning.
Unlike the Hyperdunk 9 the Cushioning of the Hyperdunk X is Nike Zoom. The Nike Zoom cushioning is a type of Nike Air. It is very durable and lightweight. Nike zoom cushioning is good for impact protection because the stretched fibers inside the air pocket of the shoe quickly bounce back into shape which provides an extremely responsive feel. The air unit of the Hyperdunk X is located under the shoe and it is visible once you flip the shoe over to the traction pad. A precaution you might want to take when you have the Hyperdunk X on is that you should be careful and keep your eyes peeled for and rocks or pointy objects that might pierce through the air unit under the shoe.

The traction of the Hyperdunk X has a pattern that looks like waves. The traction on this shoe is pretty good on a clean court but may catch a bit of dust if you are playing on a dusty court. The Hyperdunk X’s traction is pretty consistent and even if you play on a really dusty court it doesn’t catch a lot of dust, but still catches more dust than the Hyperdunk 9. If dust does get caught in the shoe it may be hard to rub off because the traction pattern is really deep, but this should not cause any difficulties in the game. I would say the traction is not as good as the Hyperdunk 9 but this does not mean that the traction of the Hyperdunk X is bad. This may be due to the fact that the Hyperdunk 9 had one of the best traction in basketball shoes of 2017.


The lockdown of the Hyperdunk X is really good. If you are planning on buying the Hyperdunk X it is best if you get the shoe according to your usual size not you should not buy a size bigger or smaller, because the lockdown is good once you play for a while you foot may start to hurt a little bit. To make the lockdown of the Hyperdunk X better is to tighten your shoelaces and pull the tongue of the shoe(which is the place where the shoelaces go over) as far as you can. A reason why the Hyperdunk X has a good lockdown might be because unlike the Hyperdunk 9 the tongue of the shoe goes all the way down to the start of the laces and does not end at about the half of the whole tongue.


The ventilation of the Hyperdunk X has pretty good ventilation and does not make your feet feel claustrophobic. Also, the inside of the shoe does not get really hot. Even after wearing the shoe for longer than around two hours the inside of the shoe did not get heated up and stayed in a pretty reasonable temperature so it did not cause any inconvenience

The Hyperdunk X has many colorways, personally, my favorite colorway is the Hyperdunk X with transparent blue traction and white on top. I think that Nike made the Hyperdunks a lot more simple than the Hyperdunk 9. There is also a high top version of the Hyperdunk X and a low version of the Hyperdunk X. This allows the buyer to select the version of the shoe that best represents them and fits them better. Personally, my favorite version of the shoe is the high top because it gives more of a basketball shoe feeling. There is also an outdoor version of the shoe and an indoor version of the shoe. If your foot is a little bit wide then it probably a better choice to buy the outdoor shoe because the sizes come a little bit wider.

Finally, the Hyperdunk X has Nike Zoom cushioning that cushions the fall from jumping when playing the sport of basketball. The Hyperdunk X also has decent traction that does not catch a lot of dust but may be hard to wipe off. The lockdown of the shoe keeps your foot from sliding inside the shoe really well and the ventilation of the Hyperdunk X allows your foot to breathe and allows the inside of the shoe to stay in a temperature that is not uncomfortable. Because there are many different colorways of the Hyperdunk X you can choose the colorway that best fits you. Overall I think that Nike did a pretty good job making the last Hyperdunk shoe in the Hyperdunk line leave a mark in the basketball shoe community.
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User submitted image
January 26, 2019
Great basketball shoe bought for kids, good quality and traction.
December 27, 2018
7 months ago
Very comfortable and light
December 2, 2018
8 months ago
Comfortable shoe, nice looking
My son loves them. Bought them in orange and the color is nice. He is big on comfort and has no complaints with these.
December 1, 2018
9 months ago
Super firm ankle support. My daughter won't need to wear her ankle braces. The back of one of the shoes caused some irritation due to the way it was stitched. But once broken in they are great. Perfect crimson color for our team.
November 30, 2018
8 months ago
My daughter likes her shoes...says they’re very comfortable!
November 29, 2018
8 months ago